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m i m a y Oct 2019
you know, I wanted to forget him
but, everyday I saw something..
it reminds me of him.
m i m a y Jun 2019
Hello, what's up
By the way
I'm waiting for the right one
Because I know God will give it to me at the right time.
Ps: All Glory to God
m i m a y Dec 2018
You want me, when I do not want you.
When I want you, you do not want me anymore.
m i m a y Nov 2018
you just have to believe
that there is time for everything
trust God
he knows when you are ready.
m i m a y Nov 2018
the things you wanted to happen
will not going to happen
the way you wanted it.
m i m a y Jul 2018
The first and last
thing on my mind,
each and every day.
m i m a y Jul 2018
Please, do not let go of me
because, I might
fall into places
where you cannot
pick me up anymore.
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