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SomaSonata Mar 2021
Left me high and dry
With no room to spare inside
Consolation prize

There's no end in sight
Your favorite *******
Returns the favor

Supernova explodes
Into a spectrum of light
The colors bleeding

Gone without a trace
Absorbed into outer space
Totally consumed

Beings of light
Trapped in material form
Roses which adorn

Untapped potential
Systematically reformed
SomaSonata Mar 2021
Some days
I like the way the world has changed
I want to kiss you and smile
And jump and shout
But my feet stay grounded
And the feelings won't pour out
Oceans no longer divide our hearts
I'd like to think we'd never cry apart
Moment's notice I'm running out
Birthdays on sunny Saturdays
Car keys
Last rights
Secretive admirations and sweet nothings
Following the waves ashore to their destinations
One night
It's late and there's a light still on in a single room
From the break of dawn on into the afternoon
Prodigal sons and heavenly daughters
Carefree times to embrace the things that really matter
And then comes Sunday
I hold my breath and wait
Will the love reciprocate?
Can the givers learn to take?
One day maybe I will finally understand
What it meant to take your hand
What you said, it lifted me
Sweet release, at last relief
Good night, goodbye
Sweet dreams
Last night I had this realization
Life's too short to live to hate
Tomorrow morning when I wake
I think I'll lay down some roots and be here to stay
And learn to live and laugh and enjoy myself
All this stinging pain has worn me out
As the blinding light gives way to night
Good night
City lights
Blessings all dressed up in disguise
Twist the truth but tell no lies
Good news these days is everywhere
Sometimes if you don't know where to look
It's hard to find but on the hook
Last gasp of breath but had a good time
Is what I'll say
SomaSonata Oct 2020
These long days I need to sigh
And take things breath to breath
Some days I escape to forget
My appetite's multidimensional
Even though the love is mutual
What happened to the ages lost?
Was today just waiting in the wings?
Motivation is like a ***** word
My lucky coin can't buy nothing
But nothing else can buy it back
Time to rise and shine
And get the wheels back on track
Watching cable TV
It screams a blue and red dichotomy

Blend to purple
Black and blue
What am I supposed to do?
Black and blue
Those aimless zombies missed the mark
But their shot rings true

In a state of disbelief
In a land of disagreement
I'll hang my hat on tempting fate
Knowing well I'll never get a second chance
I'll melt the polar glaciers
With the laser focus of an errant glance
These lost days I need to find my peace
And speak my piece
Let the dogs up off the leash
The fighting spirit runs wild and free
No mental fitness guru tells me who to be
Or what to say
I have a mantra I repeat
Again and again and again

I test the muddy waters
And dip my toes in
But the verdict is lukewarm
I steal the honey all for the money
District the bees that swarm
Why else, of course
Blend to purple
A royal cordial

Black and blue
No guru gonna tell me what to do
SomaSonata Aug 2020
Fate is but a curious pattern of twists
An ode to the memories you'd rather forget
We are two halves
Two parts of a whole
Chaos ensues when our union is full
Modern day ecosystems are meaningless
We're a draconian species destined to go extinct
Bound by the theories of renaissance
We grab all we can and do whatever we want
Primitive and limited, foresight is prohibited
A far cry from the eyes of Egyptian pyramids
Here comes a blight that weathers no fight
Everyone going in different directions
Like sinking ships that pass in the night
No politicians plan beyond the next generation
Just until the extent of their own destination
The cupboard runs bare
The well has dried up
Millionaires groom their heirs
The muck has run amok
But the maiden was fair
Now we're all sitting ducks
The hourglass fills up at the bottom
Government bodies are callous masses of atoms
I don't hate anyone at all and still hold out hope for humanity, but I've lived long enough to take note of trends and patterns across the globe. Have a great day/night everyone!
SomaSonata Aug 2020
Take a seat and settle in
The masquerade will soon begin
Fallen heroes and angels in the snow
I listen in and clutch the ropes
Gridlocked traffic lines the roads
Satellites are good to go
All the people cheering
For the man who breaks the ceiling
Astronauts who time forgot
Pioneers and cosmonauts
The hairs upon the dogs stand still
I feel a shiver and then a chill
The flowers withered in the gardens
Jet engines roaring
All systems go, the show is starting
I ****** a feather floating in midair
Frozen cold and solid, caught her icy glare
We're living proof of bitter days to come
Chase the rabbits down the holes they run
Hold the light don't let it go now
Grab the love don't let it slow down
Love, joy, grief, belief, hope, and fear
Seize the moment
Hold it dear
Don't let it end like this
Don't hold out waiting for the final kiss
SomaSonata Aug 2020
I want to know the the truth
The privileged secrets known by the few
But they say it's better this way
A light in the dark
A hint of ignorant bliss on the wind
But what do I know?
I'm a everyday fool
I sing in the rain
I feel nice and safe
Or so I'm told anyway
I'm a no name
They laugh in my face
They dance on my grave
The ending's the same
It will all be ok
Such and such #strong
Remain calm and carry on
I'll guess I'll play along...
For now anyway
SomaSonata Aug 2020
Maximum threshold
The pain multiplied tenfold
It's raining outside

Shipwrecked and stranded
On the mast, wait for sunset
This goes on for days

Starving and marooned
Here comes forth a mighty swoon
Staring at the moon

Now comes a big wave
It could easily drown you
Sapped of your last strength

A bright light beams down
A helicopter above!
Deep breath, you've been found

Something isn't right
The copter is out of gas
Alas, it crashes

It was meant to be
The hands of fate decided
Both wash out to sea
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