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Marina Kay  Mar 2014
4 AM.
Marina Kay Mar 2014
Tossing and turning
in this lonely bed of mine,
my heart is heavy
with the ache of missing you.

I crave your delicate words
like I crave coffee in the morning.

My soul feels vacant
without your lingering presence.

Time is ticking my life away
as my thoughts echo your name.

My eyes bleed out the bitterness
I've latterly felt towards you.

I'm still writing about you
and you haven't read a word.
I couldn't sleep because I missed Fahad so much.
Emily M Mar 13
Sleeplessness plagues my body,
Whilst emotions run about my head in an endless parade,
Most empty, whilst others weigh me down below,
Run, hide, leave, fly free,
I dare not obey them, for they shall lead me to my demise,
Untimely, yet fate claims otherwise.

They tell me I’m too young to understand.
Are they sure of what they say?
My maturity is beyond my age, or so I’m told,
It may grow with me, or merely just be put in bold,
This is all my mind can hold,
All I can bare.

Love turns to ashes,
With all that I wish I could say,
I dream it were still here,
The ghost by my side,
With all I hold dear,
I dream it’s still here.

Phantom, it stares into my soul,
I dream of escape,
When I was it disappears,
So easily,
I feel it slipping away,
Every night.

See the truth lying in their eyes,
The truth that they buried inside,
The fire, seething within,
Burning your heart,
Your very soul,
If only these scars would heal.

Poem written by Emily M, created on January 31, 2019
Levi Windolf Oct 2018
The shadows are calling;
The darkness so tempting.
Seeping through the cracks;
Of a mind once in tact.
A mind that was broken;
And now serves as a token.
Of a life not lived;
Not because of what I did.
But because no one ever cared;
To help me be prepared.
For the sleepless nights;
Lying motionless with constant sight.
Of the entire event;
on constant repeat;
I can't remember how to sleep.
I close my eyes;
And hear nothing but cries,
Smell nothing but death,
Feel nothing but regret.
So there I lie;
And silently cry.
But tomorrow will come;
From that I can't run.
Then I'll relive it again;
I just want it to end.
ryn  Sep 2014
ryn Sep 2014
Sun up till sun down
Trapped in a perpetual frown
Moon comes then she goes
Drops free fall from my nose

Waking hours in the daylight
Aimless motions; clumsy, puppet-like
Waking hours in the night
Uncomfortable in my own skin and psych

Sleeplessness be my companion
Restlessness be my actions
Despondence be my demon
Crest fallen be my reason

Frantically sifting through my head
Vertically upright or supine in bed
Compartmentalising might be key
To fend off self inflicted insanity

Desperation hangs overhead; ripe and bruised
Excuses upon excuses ridiculously overused
Furiously typing before my mind curds
Hopes of finding peace in these unspoken words
Darkness is upon me... Please excuse my rantings
Ameliorate Aug 2018
Another week is done and little has been accomplished
It seems lately I only exist to eat, I’ve barely left the house
Sleepless nights filled with scrambled egg thoughts of a time which doesn’t exist any longer, served up on a plate come breakfast time
My new home although filled with animals, holds no resemblance to what we had built together
The home I finally deserved left desiccated come springtime’s-battle with mental health
The cats although great company do not replace the steady hum of your computer fans
The rhythm of your breathing knowing you were somewhere close in proximity
Weekends brought a time when we felt whole
6 am memories releasing silent fountains of tears do not bring us back together
Hours passing can’t erase the 4 months it’s been since you left me
Or the wintertime when everything had been perfectly comfortable
No, our love left me with a void of blankness impossible to just shake away
Entirely unforgiving feelings, grieving for every kind word you ever said
Id be lying if I didn’t miss you.
Jim Musics Jul 2018
We unfurled the Spring cloth above the table
Letting it float down with gentle guidance
Its patterns and colors so like the blossoms out back

Colors will fade over years and hours
Memories of tastes and scents last as long

I was stung near that tree last year  
I'm still mindful of the discomfort and sleeplessness that it brought

This year, we will inspect each branch for hornets' nests
Finding none will lessen my unease, but not all

When peaches are ripe
And we taste the flesh
Mix slices with white wine and ice
I will strive to be sanguine and unfettered
Fully immersed

You will bring me all the way there
about two weeks from now
Arianna  Oct 2018
Not Present
Arianna Oct 2018
It’s late, and of late
My stomach clenches with sleeplessness
And looking ahead:
In my head
Rationing the half-hours
Until sunrise,
Willing myself to rise
In time for the Morning and for living
Rather than a living.

The days merge together;
It seems but one repeats

The only thing that changes is the weather.
Hahaha, a moment of frustration between working my *** off all day every day at the bottom of the foodchain, but still not knowing yet what to do next to build the life I would like to live, and not knowing what that life even looks like. No clear goals at the moment; got me feelin' some typa way.
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