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To every girl you meet eyes with
I felt you’d love her for that  brief moment
But whenever it came to me
It was just a stare to you
Noting but a stare
And I question it every time
You don’t need to cry, or smile and show it off anymore
You can go if you want to
You can be what you say
If you want to be someone new
Change your car, your phone, your name
That’s all I’m saying for me
I linger for that smooth touch on my cheeks
From you
But I’ve grown from this too much to learn that I don’t love you anymore
And that’s it
When you **** a man in the name of law
You alone, have killed a man
“ I feel I can do it”
Is much more stronger than
“I think I can do it”
But knowing is much more harder to obtain, it’s the best out of them all
The sweet feeling of release
As we poured more lighter fluid.  
The more it would glaze into the thick air of spring.
We are young.
We are helpless to feeling powerful,
As the fire
8:58 pm
As I look up to the sky
In this endless void of something
I find nothing
And as the wind rages on
I see the clouds moving to reveal stars
I fee everything being pushed by this force
Even my love for you
I see it now
There’s always gonna be something than nothing
And when you feel it
It just keeps on coming
Like stars
Oh the stars
i just can’t fight it. My friend likes him too. I try to hide the fact that it bothers me but I can’t hate her for anything. I wonder if she values what I do for her
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