You ask if I have ever
You. But that is the wrong question
I distrust everyone
Because what I have found is that
People usually do not deserve my trust
And most especially you because
You have earned it
Which is far more dangerous.
Ask me if I have ever
You, and I will have no choice
But to be honest
And say yes,
I have.


Angel Eyes with the Devil living inside
would you leave me be because I can't sleep
I lie awake at night with you on my mind
replaying the time when you kissed me under the sheets


I can't be anything I thought I'd be
Because I'll kill myself by 23
At least that's what I've said to myself everyday
Since you went away, I lost myself

The view from here is so unclear
I can feel the end is drawing near
And even though I've lost your touch, my dear
Your handprint lives here on my heart

Psychologically, I'm damaged goods
Physically, I am breaking down
I'm a self fulfilling prophecy,
If it's meant to be, it'd start now

But we are all just floating around here
Out in space, we cannot count the hours
There's no time to start anything new,
My dear, we're through, now

Because psychologically, I'm damaged goods
Physically, I am breaking down
I'm a self fulfilling prophecy,
If it was meant to be,
It would have started by now

I'm tired of saying that I'm fine
I'm tired of tallying the tries
And baby you are fading from view,
We are through, but it's gonna be alright

-E (c) 2017

I once stayed up until four in the morning, waiting for my lover, who is in a band, to get done with his set. He said I'd only have to wait until three, but, at 3:50am, sent me a text telling me that these girls had taken him to dinner, and unless I wanted to wait another hour, it wasn't going to happen. When I told him not to worry about it, he said "For sure. Sorry to keep you waiting. I hope these people are worth it, sexually." and he laughed. It's fine, though. I don't love him. Right?

-E (c) 2017

Get it? A Short Story? Ass?

And I know you didn't do this for me, but it's the fact you made it seem like you cared
I know you didn't do it for me, but it gives me hope that something is there
I believe in the Buddha and communism, I love listening to classic Cher
Believe me when I say I'm looking for someone who's gonna care

-E (c) 2017

When I say I want
To kill myself, please do not
Take it so lightly

-E (c) 2017

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