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Ronald J Chapman Jan 2017
Beneath the sunrise of a cold new year,
Standing alone on the banks of an ice-covered river,
My Soul is frozen in time.

Reflecting upon warm memories,
Melting away ice-cold winter days,

Skating alongside you,
Through ripples of time,

I call out to you,
My shining princess,
I love you.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Yuna Kim Montage-Through the eyes of love
Melissa Manchester Ice Castles theme
Ron Nov 2016
It's strange
How much an object can take you away
From the stress and the pain
When I put that board down
It's like everything fades away
All that is left is the wind in my face
And the feeling in my chest
Like a weight has been lifted
A veil pulled from my eyes
On my board I feel confident
Like I'm on top of the world
It's a liberating feeling and it never grows old
I see him on a stoplight...
Hair blowing
On a hot summer day
White Tee
Skateboard in hand
I want to **** everything out of you
Like you've ****** mine.

Boy, you don't seem like a stranger anymore...
But some familiar dream.
I remember that FACE...
Familiarly, friendly, and so ****
I see you still
Wear that button up I sold you
I HOPE I come to mind
I just want to TEAR it off...
I don't want to be a forever reminder anymore...
A Polaroid of something you lost
Something I carelessly let you pass by

I used to think he passed where I was at,
Just like he passed the real facts
He skated all around in my mind
So fast into my mind,
All the way into my bed.
Oh, I remember his smell
That morning,
It's ingrained in my memory.
Now, I'm thinking about the three AM message
I'm thinking how I want to explore the high energy
The worlds of the unknown with him
He would SWAY me
Almost all the way,
Before, I got away.

Right where we left off...
Baby, I want to be forever flowing
With you, and only you
Just like these thoughts
Playing through my head
If I'm at a stoplight,
Don't be a stranger
Be that TOUGH act to follow
I'm still me, and you are still you...
Free spirits with a wildheart
If I'm at a stoplight,
Baby, don't turn away
JR Rhine Jun 2016
We sat outside the coffee shop
next to a fire,
watching the sun set behind decrepit buildings.

I lamented over the lack of a roller rink in the area,
reflecting on memories of wobbling around in circles
with dizzying lights and blaring speakers
ejecting Pink, Daft Punk, and Eiffel 65 onto my critical youth.

I felt like a king.

We finished our smoothies and retreated
to an empty hotel parking lot,
where I taught her to skateboard.

One foot over the front bolts,
the back foot over two of the back bolts
but resting over the tail,
kick, push,
it's in the ***** of your feet--
weight distribution.

Tic, tac, scrape, thud--
she falls repeatedly
and gets back up.

I admire her resilience and perpetual smile--

This is what skateboarding is all about.

We roll around the hotel parking lot,
our endpoints being a lone luminescent lamppost
and a telephone pole beleaguered by a plot of shrubbery
that demarcates itself from the pavement.

We circle around the poles for hours,
forming an imaginary oblong track between the two,
our laughs carrying into the cool summer night lullaby
that sang the drowsy small town to sleep.

The fading throb of the wedding reception
at the bottom of the town square by the wharf,
carrying over to us.

The stores closed up hours ago,
silent empty windows reflecting the lonely streetlights
and our ambulance back at us.

We skated on unperturbed into the night hour.

A man walks outside the hotel
to have a cigarette on the sidewalk--
I imagine he is watching us and admiring our glee.

Rolling between this telephone pole and lamppost,
the glare and reflection of the empty silent windows,
the soundtrack singing above our heads,
our laughs, and the tic-tac of skateboards
and groaning of wheels over stubborn pavement
bringing my melancholic reverie to a halt,
recognizing and understanding happiness in the present moment--

This is my roller rink.
JR Rhine Mar 2016
Flip flip slide slide
grind grind pop pop

hours and hours
sweat pours
bruised ankles bruised kneecaps
scraped shinbones scraped elbows
scabs and scars.

shirts and jeans torn, worn;
shoes a tattered mess--
laces shredded to bits tied desperately
clinging on to lapping tongues.

hair matted to skull sweating within damp skullcaps,
whether be it helmets (by choice or restriction),
or fitted baseball hats turned backwards,
or cuffed beanies in the dead of winter.
(father says the latter choices work well to soak all the blood up, I always roll my eyes in naivete.)

The paved driveway, where on my eighth birthday
a shining basketball goal sat at its full height
towering in the mountain sky--

stood forlorn in place as wide eyes glued to the pavement--

where shoes stood atop the gritty surface of a wooden board
with wheels attached to gleaming metal axles
rolled smoothly excitedly across the pavement in perpetuity.

K Balachandran Mar 2016
Round and round,
a flash in fluid motion,
in the desolate ice rink
she skates and dances
embracing freedom,
my sense of time
shrinks and expands
at her  own sweet will
the fiery flight of an angel,
it's spirit  hits her lover's heart
but only tickles and explodes
in a rain of bright love signs.
I've been watching this
breath taking phenomenon,
without batting an eyelid,
how long, I lost all estimates,
my  sins go up in smoke
when  my heart,is up in flight,
benediction is the result
of watching her write poetry thus.
Juan Minaaaaaa Apr 2015
Tonight I found
myself in a
parking lot.

I jumped,
I ran,
I slid,
and I smiled.

I, once again
looked for
shortcuts to
ordinary life
such as: crammed buses
and their empty roofs.

the moon looked
and I wasn't worried
of anyone else;
but me.

eluding merely
six vehicles in a
because I
like the rush
next to death.

but I was breathing,
more alive than ever,
with a board
on 4-wheels

and proud to be
proud to be
proud to feel
like I did first,
5 years ago.

and I was happy.
Ayin Azores Apr 2015
Bruises and scars
long roads that will take you far
the sound of your wheels
the sound of my heartbeat

as kids we'd play along
sticker tattoos of black and gold
silly jokes and odd fears
as hollow as your dreams

we grew older
knowing what the future would lead us through
you broke your heart and your bones
2 years past but it pains you more

if only you'd let her in
you would not hear her scream
you would not see the light
you would not see the light
Chii Jan 2015
ice skating is like loving
you hold on to the edge, afraid to fall, get yourself hurt and let go
but eventually you will have to let go and learn how to glide freely on your own
sure you will fall on your **** and you will get hurt
but that's how you'll learn
and thats how you become strong
by picking yourself up and moving forward

Nameless May 2014
I was a dare devil,
I always raised the level,
I got bruises and scars,
But that didn't stop me from going bizarre

I would jump and skate,
But it wasn't my fate,
I have to find something else to do,
Before I don't have clue
© Sasha Morales
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