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Psychostasis Aug 2021
Phone call, a voice trying not to crack
One star watching the city limits, but the sky is empty and black.
I don't know what you were doing, I can only assume
You didn't know about enemy plans taking place under the moon.

A pop.

Too close to home to sit through in comfort,
But not far enough that you can get to say 'I wonder'
Bright young soul, big bro always had a plan and story
So maybe you can teach me how to kick-flip from Purgatory

We used to kick it at the church; riding up and down the street
Felt like learning the Universe
Them big hills was a big deal
Until life said retreat,
And went on to open up the seal.

We grew apart as years passed
But Ill never forgot the sting of your passing
It's in the air, like tear gas

You had a lot of friends, and left a lot of broken hearts
And way too many broken pieces left apart to call it art.

And we never got to hit a park together
But I live by "If you bust your ***, you'll get better"
The first words you spoke the first time I jumped ship,
And the first words you spoke when I first busted my lip.

I know we weren't the closest, but you've known me since seven.
Two months will make a year,
I hope you're grinding on halos for eternity
If there's a heaven.
Last year I lost one of my friends way to soon. I haven't written about it yet but it's long overdue.
For Tahaj. Miss you big bro.
Austin Morrison Mar 2020
what brings me joy. Well shockingly, a few things.
1. A bright and warm, summer day.
2. A meal that I really like
3. Sinking into the couch and running some games with friends.
4. That feeling I get when all four wheels touch the ground and my legs become one with my skateboard. Rolling over the divots in the concrete, feeling the wind coat my skin, and my mind is set free to an endless form of creativity 
5. A nice slice of cake.  
6. Waking up at a time I decide.
7. Music that can fit my exact mood.  
8. Holding that someone special in my arms.
9. The first snowfall of the year.
10. a cold glass of rye, for the night I want to forget.
11. Hearing your voice, while you rest your head on my shoulder after a long day.
12. The feeling of your nails in my back, writing your passion on my skin.
13. The set of hands that fit perfectly with mine.
14. The sound of rain hitting my window at night.
15. You.
This is part of a project I am doing called the colour wheel. It is a draft piece and isn't very organized right now. I would love feedback moving forward with it.
Pyrrha Aug 2018
The wheels collide with the jagged ground (As sometimes so do I)
Smoothly gliding across as if sailing through a calm ocean
The wind wrapping me in it's safe and calming embrace
Cleansing me of the worst parts of me
All the anger, anxiety, and sadness is left behind
As I roll over them on my magic board
In those moments I feel free, safe, and certain
I'm not confused or mistaken
I know for once what I'm feeling and what I'm doing
Although it may not be true
I feel as though this little wooden plank with wheels
Could take me anywhere
Across the sea or to another galaxy
For once I'm simply free
Pyrrha Aug 2018
I don't need a man who wants a princess
I don't need those expectations
I won't paint my nails or wear high heels

I want someone who will understand
That some days are just for sitting indoors
Playing video games and ordering takeout

Sometimes you just want to hang out
Watch a horror movie or write a poem
I want someone who can understand some days are slow

I also want them to know that some days are fast
Sometimes you just need the rush of riding a skateboard or throwing a frisbee
Sometimes you just need to feel the notes of a guitar till your hands are numb

I don't want someone who thinks I am only silent and reserved
Because I will crush you in your favorite games
I will tire you out with my favorite things

I don't want someone who thinks they are temporary
I will write about you and immortalize you through my art
Keep your expectations away and I'll surprise you every day
Side note: Rampage was one of my favorite childhood games heck yeah
Sort of a violent game for a six year old to obsessively play
It's also unfair how I love horror but I will fall over the back of a couch at any jumpscare
Jacob Jun 2018
My wheels were always a trusted friend,
but upon this degree of speed and spin,
I felt the wobble upon the road,
a countless amount of times I've rode!
At this moment, I looked around,
for the best place to strike the ground,
and in that instant, beneath my feet,
my board no more, only cracked concrete,
within the silence, I heard my mom,
“Don’t leave without your helmet on,”
with nothing soft to break my fall,
the ground and I began to brawl,
It ripped my clothes, it ripped my skin,
until my body seized to spin,
inside my head, my world still spun,
surely, my ragdoll body was done,
but how could I end my day on a spill?
so I scooped up my board
and climbed up Stoney Hill.
This is poem uses fun descriptives to capture a short period of time when falling off my skateboard as a kid.
sankavi Apr 2018
i look at my skateboard
down at the ground
i close my eyes
and roll down the hill
getting faster and faster
until i hit flat ground
i open my eyes

when i roll down the hill
i feel free
the breeze hitting my face
my hair blows in the wind
the sun on my skin
its all too good

i feel at home
like a belong
thank you to my
Gabe Ouellette Nov 2017
Leaves flying by,
feeling my back come to meet my sides,
leaning like Pisa,
wobbling back and forth like a new driver,
                                                         ­           brake,
                                               ­                                gas,
                                                            ­                           brake,
                                                          ­                                        gas,

fall to the ground,
board flies south.
song flies north,
head hits the tar,

laying in the road like a parked car.
Fell off my skateboard the other day...
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