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Poetic T Aug 9
Someone said I was a seed that
                         would grow deep.
But you pulled me before I had

the chance to grow between the
                      fallen brothers that
                             were taller.

But you quarantined me in this
                            this place.

Potted, you told me that I'd grow
                   further than the family

I'd left behind.

   It was a moment
                of concern that I'd never

reach the lengths of my brothers
         and sisters. yet you put me
   higher than they'd ever reach...  

They fell beneath me,

                   But no ,matter who falls

were the same branch and we will
                                      always reach further

than my silence as we'll always be

                            reaching further than

than the hate that tries to keep us

       lower than the furthest branch
that we can grow  from the desert of your
            infertile earth.
I thought we would be happier if we stuck together,
But every day I have more doubt that we'll last forever.

I hate that we seem more like two drifters,
Than being anywhere close to sisters.
I can’t live but I have to.
There’s just no other way.
As long as you’re fighting so hard and needing me.
As long as my place to live is open for view.
Although there’s no way that I can live.

It’s cruel but I’m not allowed to say it.
Only to the ones that know and feel it everyday.
Like me cause it’s too much.
Like a slave to life.
Cause whatever I do I’ll end up in hell.
Whatever I try, whatever we try.
It’s a nightmare and even worse.

It’s hell and even worse.
You are the ghost and I’m the zombie.
And our parents are slaves behind the massive broken machines.
Working to keep them running.

Just to stay alive.
Cause there’s just no other way.
As long as you’re fighting so hard and needing me.
As long as our place is open for view.
Although there is no way of living in there.
soo doo nimim May 25
Look at me
In the eye
At the face
Ignore this awful place
Look at me
In the heart
When we’re far apart
I’m human too, you know
Let me live
Let me die
Please don’t let me cry
Hold my hand
Hold on tight
And together, we’ll walk into the blinding light
Jessica May 17
You think you're in love
With a man
And it feels insatiable
I regret to inform you
That his black hole
narcissism makes him incapable
Of returning your affection
If I were you, I would toss away the roses
The words
And the promises
And find someone tender
That can feel your silken hands
And lovely face
As something truly embraceable
Don't let them be used as a stepping stool
For a heartless fool on his climb
To disgrace.
B Elizabeth G Apr 21
Three Little Women were best friends from the start,

Even though they were two and four years apart.

Golden Brown locks, all three in a row,

All dressed alike, from their head to their toes.

The oldest was protective, a mothers right hand.

Next was a gentle wild child always in dreamland.

Last was the one who was giggly and small,

And looked up to her sisters that broke her every fall.

Three Little Women at play in grassy meadows.

A secret garden they made with dirt covered knees and elbows.

Bare foot in jeans is how they’d always be found,

Just happy to have the others old hand-me down.

Fireflies caught at dusk in a jar,

Their faces aglow as they wished upon a star.

They swung on their swings and sat down for tea,

And ran to the mailbox singing “Ollie, Ollie, Oxen Free”.

Three Little Women would lay awake at night,

Telling stories and secrets in the glow of a night-light.

A room they did share with two big bunk beds,

And prayers said together before they’d rest their sweet heads.

Knick-knacks they’d exchange after doing their chores.

Makeovers and dress up were their favorites for sure.

American Girl Dolls, Barbie’s, and dresses,

Six tiny hands together making messes.

Three Little Women are little no longer,

All grown up and a friendship much stronger.

One day they will have little women of their own,

And once again they can enjoy what they once had outgrown.

Forever they will remain each other’s best friends,

Until their time together here on earth ends.

Nothing can shatter a bond so pure and true,

Sisters who love each other more than most sisters do.
Lorena Mar 29
(As if sitting in a wooden box)

I confess.
I confess to feeling the pain of needs unmet and overlooking it,
to hearing the opening of things, the closing of them too
the confidence of a heart unbroken say "I'd like to try!"
and a cold bitter laugh in a triumph of parsimony.
I confess to doing less and allowing it in my own vulnerability.

(As if tearing a casing spun of silk)

I am a catalogist, rebuilding a place
In my defence I have known you less, but even now -
there are no reference books to your emotions or reactions
no rule of thumb except to ease anger, aid logic, clear runways.

(As if the knowing was as easy as the learning)

together we are four decades of stubbornness and pain and kindness
we are warmed feet on the black range cooker
we are the climbing wall at the fair
You are three dots, ellipsis, open-ended.
and i am writing bad poetry about a girl who can fly...
a birthday present
Isabella Mar 17
You're my lovely little sisters-
Even not by blood, it's true.
And words cannot express,
The love I have for you.
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