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Savannah Muller Apr 2018
you scream at anger at me i return it.
what you do to me i will do to you.
your ******* at me, i am at you.
this is sibling love and i hate it...
i can say what i want to say no matter who is here. i have my own voice and i am not afraid to show it.
you do not own me i am a free woman.
so get F*CKED siblings i am not being in the shadows.
i will scream i will shout until you know i am not a toy to be broken or a force to be reckoned with.
i will stand and i will stride.
for i no longer need to takes orders from an as
hle like you who treats people like SHT!
my voice will be the last thing you hear when i am done standing up for me.
your angery. i am angry.
this is sibling love and you know what.... F*CK IT!!!!!!
i am so over siblings and i do apologies for the swearing.. it is just so frustrating when people think they order you around... so i have had enough of what they call sibling love
Marrisa Jul 2017
Sandy hair, buzzed short,
and bright blue eyes like mine.
Just a little boy, he is;
seven years old to be exact.
They grow up so fast.
He cannot help but be energetic,
running and playing and shouting;
Curtain climbing and ant stomping.
He's my little bubble, so easy to pop.
I might be overprotective, but try my best.
We're going to be moving away soon,
he'll be the last bird in the nest.
The Spider Jan 2016
The day you were born,
I couldn't be there to see you all wrapped up in blue.
Dad called me to say that
the doctors said you were perfectly healthy.

I wanted to come straight away,
but we have different mothers,
and mine would not take me.
I didn't think it was capable for me;
To love you more than I love anything.

I look through your blue-green eyes;
the same ones we share,
and see myself.
I was a happy little nuisance like you.

Your laughter, even when you know
you're being naughty,
Makes me laugh as hard as you do.
I can't help but smile when I think
of you, little brother.

When I lay you down for a nap,
it is relief, but do I get bored
when you're gone?
Yes I do.

Sometimes I sneak in your room
and watch you peacefully sleeping
just to make sure you're okay.

The day you were born,
I couldn't be there to see you all wrapped in blue,
but that matters not,
because nobody loves you more than I love you.
A poem to my baby brother. He's 18 months now.

— The End —