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Hannah Mar 2017
It is empowering to see
other women besides me,
unfolding their wings,
holding the key
to unlocking their dreams,
and fulfilling their destiny.
~ rise ~
f Feb 2017
Well girls,
we got all worried;
sitting at the edges of our chairs.
It was an urgent meeting.
Somehow all of us thought about the last words we would want to see flying out of her mouth.
In the end, we all screamed.
Some cried,
some were left speechless.

"This morning I received an email.
It said that we got a... GOLD!!!"
Oh gold, a majestic word.
A word that will make eyes shine and glisten ever so brightly.

Who wouldn't get emotional looking at how much our strength has grown in just a couple of years?
Who wouldn't be emotional looking at how much more we have achieved in just a couple of years?

Life still has to continue.
The news spread pretty quickly.
We saw a pretty face.
A face we all knew and loved.
A teacher who left.
A teacher who we missed.

We saw her.
The last time was "I don't even know when".
We saw her
through a screen.
Don't we all hate goodbyes?
I think I might breakdown when I seperate from my dearest ones.
that time would come soon.
Very, very, soon.
As soon as you know it.

I admit.
Sometimes I really dread attending the sessions.
But you know something?
There's this sense of belonging and sisterhood that binds us all together.
With that, how can any of us leave?

But one day, we all have to leave.
We all hope to leave good influence on those who would leave after us,
entrusting another gold in their hands.

We all worked hard in this together.
We suffer together.
We strive together.
We cry together.
We celebrate together.

All for one.
One for all.
The gold made my day.
tamia Nov 2016
i only knew i loved the stars
on that night in Batangas
my sisters and i rested our tired bones
on the dewy grass of a cliff,
we rested where the sea met the sky.

we looked at the stars.
"look, you can see the milky way right there,"
my oldest sisters said
as they traced the sky for me,
i saw it for the first time, in the dark
and i felt so big yet so small,
i learned to read the skies
from two people who knew how to
watch the world.

and i only knew i loved the stars
when i came to learn to see them
as i watched them
with the people i loved
beside me.
Batangas - a province in the Philippines
Dovey Nov 2016
It was a love
sweeter then
Because at least I knew
you couldn't leave me
How wrong
I was





and I'm alone.

When will I move on?
She's happy. She's happy, and I still can't stop writing poetry about it.
Anni Oct 2015
A few years ago
I would not have expected
That my sister would someday be my best friend
We used to constantly bicker
That still happens every day
She ****** me off to no end
But I can’t hold a grudge
Especially not against her
And she always somehow
Resolves the problem
By making me laugh
Until my sides ache
There is nobody else out there
Who I am this comfortable around
And I sincerely doubt
There could be anyone else
We are in trouble
Overwhelmed by reality
We choose to sleep
Being awake is painful true
But what else would you choose?
Disconnected with the truth
Disillusioned with "inclusion"
But when we as women chose to stand
With other women
Away from our brethren
We undermined our people
Their problems weren't ours
Respect in our households and communities was never the problem
But now we're truly  included
In the reign of terror
By the hegemony
that we were never actually excluded from
So now while we've branched off
Into this group and that
Engulfed in the rainbows, weaves,  
****** objectification, drugs and popular culture
We are sleep crawling
To our extinction
It is better to live through pain
I n order to achieve gain
Than to nap through life
Never understanding your greatness
It is time to rise and return home
pin Sep 2015
Niacin formal chat night
She dont wanna hear about her grudges moving through the mud
In a crowded dinning hall
Shoves her platform sneakers between the path way
Locked ankles with the smite
You only ever bring in the neighbors dogs, if you only ever toss your cats in the trash
AM Aug 2015
We both promised ourselves
—drinking our blood,
tying up the knot
in the name of sisterhood
but you ***** them
like it was a bad food
Ella Gwen Apr 2015
There's a sister who floats with hungry collarbones and a razor-edged smile. She smokes sadness when she isn't ready to exhale.

She is beauty in fine art and wrath the colour of thunderstorms; the rain comes when she smiles.

Holier than thou and quick to judge, with antiseptic perception known to bring out the things you were not aware existed.

Addictive, those imprints from her feet will stamp all over you; nimble fingers puppeteering those who fall out of her thoughts.

She is selfish and always leaves, leaves, leaves. She ran away at the first tremor; she did not stay to watch the concrete crumble.

But she picked me up when the concrete friction broke my knees, lashed tyrants with her tongue and prowled behind the boyfriends that came and always went.

This sister whom I project; the image of her I mirror. She is love and laughter and moods that taper and flare.

She is a cluster of persons, a bomb liable to a detonate on a short fuse. She is trouble ailing in the best possible way; her flames light up the shade.
Shelby Predrick Apr 2015
Sister, I told you
How much I needed you
You listen to all my pleas
And cry over my bees.

But there's this beast inside me
Stay away from her, it pleads
You are not supposed to open that bag,
But how can the snake not lie?

Oh, well, my sister, you took in all of it
Swallowing my temporary misery.
But what have you sewn?
You made it all your own.

My love for you is real
But I can't put it into words
Because you know me as well as I do
That I'm a meal.
A curse.
A shoo-away.

You see, my darling, nothing can ever come out.
Scarred when I saw six
You can take it when the demon picks.

Everyone is a little broken inside
All I've been doing is not burden you all night.
I hope you understand!

Please tell me you'll never let go
With the dog just inches below me
You're my last hope.

Can you grab it all back again?
You were right and I was wrong.
My fingers are begging to work out
But it just doesn't go with my brain for long.

As you slip away from me
Please do remember these moments
Those fragmented keys
To the garden that is to come.

Sister... It couldn't have been better.
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