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ranne May 2020
am i like a flower?
waiting to be watered
of your validation.
ranne Jul 2019
ranne May 2018
The lightning pierced through the window
Reminds me of how you and i met.
I started counting the seconds.
One, two, three, four, five-

You are a lightning.
An unexpected arrival, blinding
I can't help but close my eyes
six, seven, eight, nine, ten-

You are a strike of light,
Temporarily stays, then you're gone
Even before i open my eyes
eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.

The thunders roared,
An idea strucked into my mind.
The gap between the lightning and thunder,
Is like the gap of you and me.

The place of sky's turmoil
is far from where i stay.
And so are you,
Far and unreachable from where i am.
My teacher said that if the thunder took long to roar after the lightning happened, the site of the light and sound are far from where we are. As light travels faster than the sound.
ranne May 2018
The feelings rush
when lightning dashed,
A poem is ought to make
but there's no pen to take.

Remember the thought
Before it drifts away.
The clouds fought,
thunders had something to say.

As the dark clouds fade,
the unwritten words were washed away.
I'll wait until a thuderstorm come,
Until then.
When feelings are rushing, but you don't have a pen, paper or phone with you.
ranne May 2018
If the stars hanging in the sky
are weighed down by people's wishes and cries,
Some of those, somewhere,
struggling, trying not to sink into nowhere.
Make a wish. Make it happen.
ranne Apr 2018

"You are my world."
No, I don't want to be.
People come and go.
There's a whole world in you.
"I just want to be part of yours."
Fraction (n): a part of a whole
  Mar 2018 ranne
Jasleen kalra
And if you are to love,
Love as the moon loves.
It doesn't steal the night,
It only unveils the beauty of the dark.

And if you are to love,
Love as the rain loves.
It doesn't wet the bodies,
It only washes the sad dirt of the souls.

And if you are to love,
Love as the wind loves.
It doesn't drift away,
It only cleanse you to the core by invading through each pore.

And if you are to love,
Love as the sun loves.
It doesn't radiates heat,
It only pours its warmth on you to enlighten your way.

And if you are to love,
Love as the star loves.
It doesn't delightfully twinkles,
It only reminds you that not even death can separate two hearts.

And so forth,
if you are to love
Love as the whole universe
& not just a part of it.
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