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Wendy Darling May 2020
I was a moon and I envied the stars, but shooting stars the most.
Because for a moment, they look like the sun.
And everyone loved the sun. That’s why I wanted to be one so bad.
What I didn’t realize was that you loved the night more than the day. You loved things that glowed through the brightness of another.
You only ever looked at the moon. Not the stars and not the sun.
You weren’t like everybody else. It was the moon you loved.
And with that, I’ve never been happier to be a moon.
To be your moon.
I never knew what moonlight felt like till the night I held you in my arms.
gabby Jan 2020
i like astronomy
but i can t decide if
my feelings for you
I had this poem in mind for such a long time but i didn t know how to put it. I like it a lot:);)
fray narte Jul 2019
When did you start waiting for shooting stars to dance in the skies? When did you start bending down and let your wish fall upon a six-petal ixora? When did you start hoping for four-leaf clovers in the fields? When did you start whispering your secret dreams to yourself before blowing the birthday candles? When did you start tossing pennies on wishing wells? When did you start muttering you heart's desire on fallen eyelashes? When did you start staying up late to wait for 11:11 to come?

When did you start believing in the magic they bring?

When did you stop?
Yuki Feb 2019
Why making wishes
on a dying creature
as a shooting star?
So beautiful death
can seem if seen
from a distance.
For me comets are
named after all the
people who decided
my sky wasn’t their
place anymore.
Sammie Nov 2018
Night has arrived but the stars have not
I'm holding a wish inside just waiting for one to get shot

Do not wish on these shooting stars as they beam
They might be somebody else's broken dream!

But they came right from the sky
Who's dreaming up there and letting it all fly?

Maybe someone who sits on the rainbow awaiting his turn
To get down to Earth and see the stars finally alit and burn!

Burning stars ain't new to them, they see the sun burn everyday
And so it surprises me, as to why they'd let their dreams sway

Until they turn into reality they simply wander
And this is to why we get to see all their thunder

This thunder is their trump card
To hide the real emotions, it's just a facade

For this is how they keep other stars at yard
And never oh never get involved in any vicious squad!

They rule the skies, awe us with their light
Why would they wish for land? Why would they abandon the night?

Night is what keeps them trapped for the eternal show
While on land they simply wish to come, dance and go!
Because someone said that the shooting stars were to wish upon!
V Feb 2018
Shooting stars exist to remind us that not everything that falls, is broken.*

Branden Youngs Jul 2017
Finding the balance between love and wild.
She will split you in two.
Searching for love in the back of her van.
She's gone before it even began.

Drinking hearts of unsuspecting lovers.
Quenching her thirst of lust and moving to another.
Leaving her sacrifices drained and chasing shooting stars.
She's gone in the blink of an eye.
Leaving behind a trail of hope burning in fire.
Moissa Jan 2017
Light up the sky for me;
because the world down below
is just too unbearable to see.
I wonder why shooting stars
choose to land in here;
if I were them
I would cling to the vast galaxy.

Say that I am right;
And just watch to indulge our eyes.
The world looks so harmless
when everybody shuts their eyelids
and closes their greedy minds.
I wonder what's the reason behind.

Darkness doesn't always mean sullen;
because it is what I anticipate in the morning.
But in order to see through it
I need a little glow-

So light up the sky for me
and let your burdens go.
This was my entry upon signing up in Hello Poetry. All rights reserved 2014.
LeV3e Jul 2016
Those three words...
Slipping from your lips,
Seeping under my skin, I'm keeping quiet
Now, feeling like you ******* took something from me...
See, the surface is cool,
but deeper down the water's cold.
Sea, you sold your soul to a shallow attitude, while
I'm left shivering in a half empty home.
Drowning without your fire.
Despite the flash of passion we shared,
Ashes anointing our pair, you lit up my world...
Then just as fast as the flare,
You were gone.
I did so much wrong...
But tribulation makes me strong.
And so, I arose to the occasion.
I chose to walk among stars,
And I'll be around to take care of you
when you call, to prove to you,
All of my words are true.
Only now, we both have to accept, existing in different dimensions
of these
three words...
no matter how much it hurts.
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