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noren tirtho Jan 27
I wish I could see how I
look behind the mirror...
without any light,
or surface.

How would I appear
without my reflection?

I wish to take the journey into
that vast expanse of formlessness
where nothing matters:
shapes, colours and even movements.

A trapped shadow
harbours a similar desire!
noren tirtho Jul 2020
It goes on in the head,
and too often, manifests itself.
But sometimes, isn't apparent at all.

What spurs the insanity? And how?
Nobody knows.
'Coz the brain is bizarre. And will remain so.

Madness can't be demystified.
Its mystery will grow thicker as
a Ramkrishna or a Mira Bai
attain transcendence in crazy love.
Or a ****** or an Alexander
pursue their weird expansionist dreams.

Who will ever unravel why a Gogh cut off his ear?
Why a Plath found peacefulness in suicide
Or what triggered for a Hemingway to shoot himself?

The 'black dog' of a Churchill chases me down too;
I can hear a Darwin howling like a child within me,
My eyes are blinded by a Newton's illusions
I hold the hand of an insomniac Dickens on an empty street.
And walk the tightrope of hope.

Am I losing it really?
But I feel to be regaining my sense of self
as I try to defy a status quo
and find a reason to be 'abnormal' again for them.
Now, should I run on the road like a possessed Archimedes?
Or yell like that unknown, 'maniac' girl who challenges civilization for its irrationality?
head #madness #brain #bizarre
noren tirtho Apr 2020
A recalcitrant child
didn't mend his ways
despite repeated warnings;
so, the helpless mother
had no choice
but to lock him up in a room
till he implored her to set him free
and asked for forgiveness
with copious tears in his eyes.

But were these tears shed
merely because of frustration,
just to get out of the desperate situation?
Were they honest enough?
Will the child really shape up?

Or the cycle continue?
noren tirtho Apr 2020
A bloodless carnage
bleeds our roots.
The invisible shadow
prowls around.
A morbidity hammers in;
An obsession aches with despair.
Entangled in enigmas, dreams shudder;
A helplessness mocks the inertia.
An awkward acceptance creeps in,
But the uneasiness can't escape.
noren tirtho Apr 2020
And when you survive this chaos,
Nail those face masks
to your walls,
to keep reminding yourself
how smothered you felt
every time you had to don them.

It will serve as a memory
to a sin that made you gasp for breath
and a life that choked on avarice.
#chaos #smotheted #memory #breath
noren tirtho Apr 2020
The book of yore
is shut
and lessons unlearnt.

A storm blows the pages
wide open
and the forgotten chapters
come haunting.
#yore #lesson #storm #chapters
noren tirtho Apr 2020
The world stops
to tell us
how breakneck speed
ruins a race,
it goes silent
to teach us
how deafening noise
causes a disconnect,
it bleeds
to show us
how purposeful living
calls for less.
speed #race #noise #disconnect #living #less
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