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Kathleen Jan 2021
Little drops of water fall
From the heavens they are sent
Messages held in the balance
Delivering to those who wait

Awash with letters from the past they surge to appease

Catch them if you can
Hold them in your hand
Look awhile
then let them pass

For these are messages from those who lived
They cleanse your souls and bring you joy
A gift to you my friend
Kathleen Jan 2021
In a new land I await
The moon is always visable
Yet it is not dark
There are no shadows
No sounds disturbs this tranquil land
I walk alone and feel no pain
I leave no footsteps inthe sand
There is no sun
I feel no cold
I am where I began
Kathleen Dec 2020
The world is covered with a blanket of snow
Icicles glimmer in the light
Sounds of children laughing
Excited about the visit
Chimneys bellow out smoke
Pots and pans gleam
And the cats got the cream

I sit in a empty house
All cold and alone
No fire in the grate is lit
No presents lay waiting to be unwrapped
I cast my mind to days gone by
When laughter filled these walls
When footsteps were in the hall

Forever young with these dreams
But still all alone
Kathleen Dec 2020
Alone I stand, in a field full of solace,
Life brings the wind to cascade down  my branches
To cast away the leaves I have nourished
Bring me light so I may flourish
The sun to warm my inner spirit
My roots reach to the inner core,
I stand solid,
So bring the rain, the snow, the sun
For I am that tree that stands Alone.............
Kathleen Nov 2020
Loud sounds
The mind
Sometimes everything seems the same
Kathleen Nov 2020
If the earth has no boundaries
No start no finish
The land always giving birth
The sky full of floating clouds
The seas reaching far off destinations
Birds singing like a joyful chorus

Why are there boundaries
When the earth is free
All are equal
None are better
We breathe,  we live ,we die

It's a never ending circle
This life
Kathleen Nov 2020
If I walk down this path
Will you follow me ?
Hold my hand
Soothe  me
Let our shadows intertwine

Will you not be by my side
Every step of the way
Be judgemental
Question me ?

This path of life
Is mine alone
No book or map to guide me
Just a mind wandering
Like my soul
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