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Brent Kincaid Sep 2016
Why aren't you ashamed
Of yourself, your friends
Of anyone around you
That chooses to pretend
That some people are
Somehow lesser beings?
How can you all sleep
With that kind of feeling?

Did somebody close to you
Get inside of your mind
And coach you every day
To be deaf mute and blind
To the beauty of people
And all the good they do
If they were created
A bit different than you?

Did some crazy crook
On some show on teevee
Tell you it will be fine
If you hate them and me
Because we demand
The right to just be?
Who has mistrained you
To despise equality?

If the people around you
Hear such talk and approve
Why did you not decide
To get up and move?
Instead you have chosen
To point fingers and blame
People who are innocent
Why aren't you ashamed?
Jace Kassem Jul 2016
"You're too thick to be any good!"
"You're too fat; stop gorging that food!"
"You're so stale, it's like you're made of wood!"
You're just the one who no one understood...
Sonia Thomas Jun 2016
Who said you're good enough?
You're not beautiful
Well, maybe, if you just tried
To walk straight
With your hair straight
Always smiling
Stomach tucked in
With your thighs at a safe distance from each other
But not far enough for someone to make their way through
Why were your legs open?
Why was your button open?

Maybe this is why you don't have friends.
You have opinions.
Why are you seeking God anywhere else but
A temple
A mosque
A church?
God says you're beautiful only if He can see you.
Maybe that's why you're not beautiful.

No one is looking at you because you're beautiful.
They look at you because you're a freak,
A circus phenomenon
You're on display
But in all the wrong ways
With your sides hanging
And your back in everyone's faces.
How dare you impose?

Stop being yourself.
**** yourself.
Build yourself up.
But, don't forget to go through the instruction manual.
Olivia-Grace Jun 2016
Hi, I'm a ****.
I'm the girl who is only seen as a ****** slave.
I'm just digging my own grave.
Hi, I'm a ****.
Having *** seems to have marked me.
"****, let her be."
Hi, I'm a ****.
I never close my legs.
Drinking straight from kegs.
Hi, I'm a ****.
Today's world is so messed up that we are stuck with a meaningless name.
It's a game.
Hi, I'm a ****.
I've gotten more men then I can handle.
Caught up in a scandle.
Hi, I'm a ****.
Broken and threatened, bullied online.
****, she is so fine.
Hi, I'm a ****.
But I'm also a writer too.
An artist, a poet, but you never knew.
Hi, I'm a ****.
Where today in this world names can translate into actions.
And girls can get rapped.
And you can't escape.
Because fate is fate.
And I should not wear that because it's cut to low.
She's such a ***.
She should just go.
Hi, I'm a ****.
And it's a title that never dies.
Breaking ties.
Hi, I'm a ****.
And I can never keep a guy.
No matter how hard I try.
And it's all a lie.
But, Hi...
I'm a *****.
Libby DeLand Mar 2016
Smoke gathers in the air,
Mixing with the fog of this dreery night.
Inhaling the chemicals I know will **** me,
but who cares, not me.

Alone with a bottle in my hand,
Taking another swig.
My tastebuds have gone numb.
But who's judging, not me.

Taking them inside to lay me down,
Never to see him again.
Emotions are no where to be seen.
But who's **** shaming, not me.

Vices are who we are.
Embracing them are a risk.
Monitoring my actions is obsene.
But who's changing, not me.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2015
If you are Christian
And ashamed of your body
Listen to Jesus
And pay attention to what he
Said about the issue
Of tissue around your bones
And how that makes you
Evil and some kind of crone.

Find where he says
Abomination is your own skin
And where he says
Shame on the shape you’re in.
Since that came from God
And by your teaching God is right
On everything he ever did,
Why this turning off of the lights?

And, if not Christian,
Isn’t it all really the same thing;
Covering up, a masquerade,
Posing, pontificating, pretending?
Why the hiding and lying
About who and what you are?
Why treat your healthy self
As if you were some big scar?

Isn’t it really that society
Has made you think badly of you,
And when the truth is told
It was not about something you do?
It’s more about what others
Think and feel and see as shame.
So quit thinking they are right,
And by all means quit taking blame.
TheRisingStar Sep 2015
Before a big party,
I would show my mother my outfits, for her approval.
"**** your stomach in," she'd say.
I'd inhale deeply and reduce the space I took up.
"Beautiful." She'd beam at me.
Eight years later, I look in the mirror.
"**** your stomach in," I tell myself.
As society unfolds
Their makes of perfection
Lifting a shame
While dropping all hateful
Majority rules
The beauty's infection
No thoughts of all
Sympathy a scarce call for attention
To breathe an equal amount
Oxigen and hate thoughts
Ropes will hang high
Feet brought to dangle
Society blind
Double digits seem sinful
Fights with metabollism
How could it be fast
Curves are their desires
It isn't one's fault
But they make it feel so
If triple digits arise
Sympathy will reach you
Though double digits a crime
"You've go *** easy"
Do come to explain how this hate is easy
When you **** up their hearts
And leave none for the "twig ones"
And so she falls through her own self destruction
No curves or triple digits
Bring her one day to a aingle digit below the surface.

Kathia Mariana Landeros
How come of you're fat people will praise you tell you you're beautiful and that skinnies are ****. But when you are skinny they hate and look past it?
Rochelle Mar 2015
You're fat.
Look at those rolls.
You can't fit through the door.
How many chins are those?
You remind me of a whale.

I am beautiful

You make me want to ****.
Don't you wash your face?
Acne must live on your body.
It looks like there's craters are your face.

I am beautiful

You're too fat to be at the gym.
Salad? Don't kid yourself.
You need to lose weight.
Your thighs are huge.
You look pregnant.

I am beautiful

You can't do this

I am beautiful

You're so ****.

I am beautiful

Stop believing in yourself

**I. Am. Beautiful.
mind vs. mind
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