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Rachel Rae Oct 2020
Sweet Magnolia
Born in dead winter
Wouldn't have stood a chance
Even had Lady Luck pitied her
Too sweet for this world
Krizhe Ming Oct 2018
You deserved to be loved
Even so much more
Than you can think of
You are worthy
Of tender care
Of profound affection

The world is just
Not that generous now
Kind of stingy
Making you feel insecure
And unwarranted affliction

But please believe
You deserved to be loved
More than enough
Soon you will see
This is the truth
Not just some consolation
Hopes this brings some comfort and hope.
Yusof Asnan May 2018
You wondered why
you keep finding
broken angels
All so scarred
and yet deserved
to be loved.
But they keep
putting walls so
high to prevent
people hurting
You forgot, they
weren't supposed
to be down here
in the first

Brent Kincaid Mar 2017
And for those of you who don’t
Find Trump to be pernicious,
He shows his *** to one and all,
I hope you find it is delicious.
For those of you who lived in
Dream castles of foolish hope
You have backed an evil man
A charlatan and a dope.

If you tried hard and long
You could not have done worse
And that is the reason for
This neener neener verse.
I can’t think how he could
Have warned you any better.
He promised things intelligence
Could discredit by the letter.

He said he would do stuff
So totally unconstitutional,
That made the rich richer,
And proved you were delusional
To trust a total ripoff guy
Who has been cheating for years.
Why did you think this fool
Would allay any of your fears?

But still you all waved high
His stupid Chinese-made hats;
Bought him gold and diamond studs
For his brand new fancy spats.
And now he’s in the Capitol
Laughing at all of you dolts
YOU gave him weapons to use on you
Instead of a thousand volts.
Death-throws Nov 2016
Idle minds  and  weary hands
Destroy dams of flesh
And flood the lands
Your fault you ******* ******. You deserve to hurt
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