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Libby DeLand Mar 2016
I hope I don't cross your mind,
as your mind is a sanctuary for only the most important of souls.
Not a poem. I just need to get these words out of my brain.
Libby DeLand Mar 2016
Smoke gathers in the air,
Mixing with the fog of this dreery night.
Inhaling the chemicals I know will **** me,
but who cares, not me.

Alone with a bottle in my hand,
Taking another swig.
My tastebuds have gone numb.
But who's judging, not me.

Taking them inside to lay me down,
Never to see him again.
Emotions are no where to be seen.
But who's **** shaming, not me.

Vices are who we are.
Embracing them are a risk.
Monitoring my actions is obsene.
But who's changing, not me.
Libby DeLand Mar 2016
He is more than my boyfriend
He is my protection from harm
His lips are my wake up call
My morning alarm

The warmth of his breath
The caress of his hand
He makes me feel high,
Like I'm not on land.

When his thumb touches my lips,
Butterflies soar.
I stare him in the eye
We both need more.

He became my thoughts
I became his air.
I'm not in love,
I'm on my way there.
Sorry for the sappy poem. I really like someone
Libby DeLand Feb 2016
Oh his scent, so strong
It solidifies in my lungs
Powerful, unbarring, wrong.

Comfort came, then it flew
As it granted me little custody
It mimicked a feeling I once knew.

Oh his eyes, so alarming
Dragged me away to a torturous land
Haunting, smooth, harming.

Venom seared through my veins
Pleased by the sensation
For once, I begged for the pain

Oh his voice, so peaceful
He spoke his words
calm. collective, but lethal.

A poisoned love was in sight
Forbidden by fate
Despite our eternal fight.
Libby DeLand Feb 2016
I have a cavity.
No, not holes in my teeth or any other physical deformity.
But a hole in my mental well being.
Caused by a sweet friendship.
Transformed into an acidic wrecking ball.

Believed to live in a sanctuary
Safe from harm.
Reality hit hard
Trust was tattered.

Held on a gold platter, our friendship
The only problem,
I stored mine in a place untouched
She stored it under her bed.
Away from sight.

Growing stronger, becoming more beautiful than the gold platter itself.
And hers
Rotting away, growing mold, never cared for.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Another drunken rant.
Libby DeLand Jan 2016
Crying for each others attention, it's all they ever do.
Who can be louder?
Is it her, or is it you?

She throws her hangers, he punches the wall.
But truthfully,
he isn't trying to hurt her at all.

Never-the-less, she tries to win the fight.
With fear trembling through my body,
I stay quiet in my room for the rest of the night.

I hear the words, "Move the **** out"
It catches me off guard.
She rolls her eyes, as she seriously doubts.

They scream for each others attention its all they ever do.
There is no denying the obvious tension, for that, I know is true.

The fight settles down while it's just for a second,
They get really quiet,
Then he beckons.

He pulled her near, and hugged her close.
but she just stood there.
I swore she saw a ghost.

He loves her now, but just 5 minutes ago,
he despised her
He said it was time for her to go.

She was hurt and battered
within the day, hour, minute
All of a sudden, she mattered

Bipolar is the official diagnosis
but over the years, shes stopped caring
Fell out of his hypnosis

He plays his unintentional mind game
he doesn't get it.
We never want to play, we don't want to be shamed.

We know who screams louder, it's you.
not knowing how to respond.
Because you follow your own social cues.

— The End —