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shayla ennis Sep 24
Darkness that fills the mind
Filling the eye of the beholder

A dessert path that is deserted by the truth but filled with lies
We're lies only the serpents of untruth and illusions

Leading towards the waters of faith and strength
But possible loss and pain
All dependent on the Storm and the waves

Where land meets sky but the sky is free
Can one truly see
Land is nature but life itself is home
Home is acceptance of life

Sun turning to moon is epicenter of change
To become something new
Altering what once was

To coexist with all that surrounds
To be a part of all
To accept all that is
To deny nothing
To be everything
Scarlet Rose
September 24th 2021
Siren Feb 2020
As I become lesser
I feel you
taking over
the little space
that is left
my whole
my all
The battle is over.
M Harris Feb 2017
Newfangled Biosphere Pyramid Scheme In Dwelling To Sidetrack,
Sanities Seduced So You Never Will Retort.
Threaten the sanctity of the delusion,
Unlearn. Start altering the definitions.

Force fed more dread so you relinquish control,
Cravings we must return.
Unfetter the soul,
In a system where acceptances esteemed more than the veracity,
Flawed perception of tour progression through that which we consume.
Exposed through The Earliest Of Eons.

Resistance-Resistance is Demarcated
Subversion-Subvert the Paradigm
Stirring Within A Ecosphere
Numb And Incarcerated

Stirred On My Own
In Prehistoric Of Existences

Slumbering. Visualizing. Bleeding. Conscious.

Appreciations bolted in a collective delusion
Lulled by ease and consumption
An entire realm of souls visualizing their existences.
Mankind is not superior, we’re just folklore's in our own consciences.
EMPstrike Feb 2016
Carefully laid thoughts had strayed,
      And logic, ideals, tossed away
           Ready and willing, I told you, that day

But you say you don't remember.

The world, it's values demeaned by sins
       Stubborn, I would not follow them
            The love for you, resurrected them,

But you say you don't remember.

One child was enough, I ne'er wanted more
       Until our time together bore
             The thought, with you, a family, "soon"

But you say you don't remember.

You've always had trouble with your memory,
But the things dear to you, always seemed less troubling.
And I can't help but think, If to you, it meant anything.

As for me?                                                                  
I'll always remember.

— The End —