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Tadpole Oct 2018
We all need acknowledgement
We need air and food and sleep and
a sign that we are on someone's mind

You must fake care
We all must
Because a functioning relationship and a
a very low ******* tolerance cannot

I have the neediest of needs
But your head could not be farther
up your own ******* and you can't see
I'd like them met by you
M Solav Sep 2018
We were mixed up when it built;
One another forced to coexist.
As it drew us high and higher still,
Below us grew the abyss.

Overflowing with ecstasy,
We left our hearts astray.
The obnubilating and obsolete
Had gotten our way.

Obstacles vanished one by one,
Increasingly slaying the beast.
Moments we thought we'd won
Are when we'd won the least.

We stretched out our hands towards the sky
Like wretched ghosts wrapped in disguise,
As though we had just found a new paradise
With the devil ahead leading as our guide.

We followed him all through the land:
"This way leads to the great fountain",
And now we're stuck in desert of sand
Wondering when oases shall be attained.

We've taken a bet against our nature.
Was it anyone-in-particular's fault?
"For every curse there'll be a cure,
For every flood a drought."

Once more, again, we shall repeat,
To morrow, for ever more.
When the sunshine now seems to greet
And when the darkness falls,

Comes the night time of our lives;
We ponder what we've been,
But what we're we supposed to be
When this pact was always sealed.

So we wait in such anxiety,
The impatience growing itchy;
And we amass, tall in piles,
To crash on the shores like the sea.
Written in August, 2016.
Shreyas c9 Aug 2018
I’m missing someone who probably doesn’t exist,
And yet I hold on to the fantasy of an amazing tryst;

I’m homesick for a place that doesn’t exist,
It was just a house with people who coexist;

I’ve been pretending to live a life that doesn’t exist,
Then how can I find the strength to still persist?

I’ve kept up the façade of being a person that doesn’t exist,
Yet I can feel my true impulses becoming impossible to resist;

I think it finally may be the time that I should not exist,
The people who would miss me is anyways a short list…
Just putting in words whatever you've been feeling is an amazing thing. And that is the beauty of our HP community
Kathryn Irene Jul 2018
To live is to coexist

with your demons,

the biggest challenge that

has the strongest

people of all.

You are strong.

We are stronger,


- SkullsNBones
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Tristan Brown Nov 2017
There cannot be white
Without black
There cannot be light
Without dark

There cannot be up
Without down
There cannot be happy
Without sad

There cannot be good
Without evil
And there cannot be right
Without wrong

One can't exist without the other
Someone has to make the sacrifice
So that there can be

So I am what is sad
I am what is evil

I am

So maybe
Someone can be
Daniel Magner Oct 2017
Water spills through boulders,
in no hurry to fill the watering hole below.
Fallen trees lean in,
stretching for a taste
of the cool liquid,
as if it could replenish their vitality,
stand them back up to their old grandeur.
Everywhere around them
humans splash in the pool
formed by the rocks,
causing a raucous,
their coolers, inflatable tubes, towels, beer cans, wrappers, bits of old food,
lay spread,
marring the landscape.
Do the fallen trees hate disrespect,
or are they satisfied knowing that, one day,
the human epidemic
will die.
Daniel Magner 2017
XNtricity Sep 2017
at some ***** second
         not quite between twelve and twelve
                    blue planet dust particles dream
                                suspend midair
                                 while sunbeams dance
                        across minute hands
                   in your eyes

            **** carpet melts into lush
       dark grass
      and azure electric runs across petals
         of daisies dipped in glass

                 air swims carelessly about in a tropical heat
                          and shimmers curiously like
                                  glitter in rain or
                                        paint splattered koi
                                                beneath oil spills

                                                   you stand at the
                                                      precipice to purple
                                       and curiously ask the darkness
                            "what time it might be"

                   soft words of loved ones
echo faintly in distance

                    copper willows generously sprout
                         industrial light-bulbs
Maya Deren Salvador Dali Steampunk Coexist Environmentalism
Amanda Apr 2017
you and me, we don't mix.
we will continue our lives, we will coexist.
you're like a drug and i need my fix.
but you're no good.. you're no good.
Daisy Vallely Mar 2017
I observe you, infatuated with your subtle mysticism.
My eyes lay on your verdant beds like a swallow tail butterfly
dancing to the melody of your vibrations.
I feel you breathe with me.
I admire your crystal garden,
dripping down your coiled vines.
In each leaf, a reflection of your life.
Your origin is you as much as it is me.
We are sister and brother.
We are God.
Together we transcend.
Together, we become one entity as we experience
the beauty of consciousness.
You are my natural friend.
You thrive and stretch your veins outward
to kiss the hands that caress you.

with me,
We coexist fluenty
Julio is the plant in my roommates room. He's a a beautiful hanging *** full of plant. We hang crystals on the stems, referring to "crystal garden"
Brooke Poplin May 2016
Love. Forgiveness. Hope.
Three words
Endless promises
Your preachers preach
Your gospels sing
Your hands fly to the air on Sundays
You sing praises for a spirit
A spirit who claims to love you
What are you trading for this love?
A promise to teach.

But what has teaching become?
Attacking radicals and pushing them onto the ground, and kicking them in the head while they're down
Forcing others to behave like what's demonstrated as perfection
Threatening flames to those who just want to live in this world, not worry about the next
To attack
To force
To threaten
I've never seen a more perfect embodiment of everything you claim to hate

Love is not evoking fear in the eyes of those who are unlike you
Love is patience, and time
Love is holding hands with and guiding the blind
Love is treating everyone as if they are god

If love is what you feel from above,
It's about time we focus on spreading love around us, rather than keeping it to ourselves
And then just maybe, it will make it's way down
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