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james nordlund Aug 2019
Minutiae of life, betwixt

Sacred and profane in the mundane,

If lustless, miraculous disdained,

Evolves at it's own clip

Giving the unseeing eye the slip,

A crysalis of sorts,

Caterpillaring into

Butterflying love.
the corporate structure's convolution's devolutionary direction doesn't have to sociologically through to societally program anyone, not even for a moment, if we choose only not to be   :)   reality
james nordlund Apr 2019
Skies are darkened over our country today,

Still, there's hope for "...we(e),..." know

Though democracy's thread is bare,

And the people, the needle, dull,

Somehow the thimble, our common humanity,

Will bear us through by bringing us

Together in the end, in time to mend

The whole of the fabric of life.
Good Earth Month   :)   Written in '96, so please don't judge the hopefulness too harshly; it was before king george and his ****, cheney, purposely didn't prevent the attacks on 9-11-01, along with the elite of the republican conspiracy   :)   reality
Hannah Jan 2017
Through the looking glass
she fell,
and fatefully declined.
Into a world
more cold and dark,
than what she left behind.
The rabbit hole
is vast and wide,
not bound
by sense or time.
To find her way,
she must obey
the rules
of this domain.
For if she strays
she'll lose her way,
and find herself astray.
She must be brave
to fight the daze,
and see the light of day.

— The End —