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Styles  Apr 2017
Styles Apr 2017
Through my skin
I feel you
The feeling so strong
I need you
Was blind to your love
I see you
Addicted to our vibe
I am you
Styles  Nov 2015
Styles Nov 2015
If you change  something about yourself,
Everytime someone tells you who are,
Then you will never be yourself.
Lauren Leal Jun 2015
You** say your life is a fallacy
Let me guide you to what you need to see
That you are who you want to be
Not what comes out of society

Follow where your heart will aim
And take what it wants to claim
You will then realize that this reality
Does not make your life another fatality

You have to reach for dreams
no matter how endless it seems
to that when you cross that line
you will realize that you are fine

That this place is not too tough
It's you making it so rough
I think you just need to explore
into yourself a little more

Share yourself piece by piece
You will feel the restraints release
So that you can finally be alive
and into your life you can dive

Do not be afraid
because the road you must follow, your heart already laid.
To those who question self worth to life.
Something that is unmeasurable and undefinable, something I would say to describe myself, yes it's contradictory but isn't that what life is, and what we are a paradox, constantly trying to prove to ourselves and other people that we have self worth, but why do we need to prove ourselves to one another if we know who we are to ourselves, if we can define ourselves but to others they can't meaure our selfworth are we not infinite
Paul  Oct 2010
It's More
Paul Oct 2010
I feel like a friend-- a true friend,
is more than a profile on a website.

And peace is more than a handshake agreement
brought by the outcome of a gruesome fight.

I know that self worth is more than someone's opinion,
and in no other dominion but mine own to foster and care for.  

And I can see that happiness is more than having money, sure,
cause most of us laugh everyday here, and come on, we're dirt poor.

And I pray the human soul is more than Casper's counterpart,
somewhere between the heart and the pancreas.

And God, faith is so much more than cryin' and dyin'
over spilt milk between religions.

And in case you were confused, "I love you", is more than
pet names, bed games, and ***.

Music is more than pimps, hoes, and MTV Shows, and T-Pain singin through a computer.

Believe that life is more than grades and degrees,
or drugs and disease,
or the 'ABCs' of success that some old man wrote a thousand years ago.

This poem has to be more than words strewn together
to voice my discontent at the status-quo..

Hell, the word "more" itself is more than a one-syllable statment
that what we lack in the present
is just a larger quantity of the **** "we already have",
and no!

The power of your silent agreement is more than that
of my voice alone, so...

What is "more"?

In many ways, "more" is the friend you never had.
More peace in the world would end all the mindless bloodshed.
More respect and selfworth would bring beauty back to youth,

especially to the women in the world,
that sell their unique souls to look like the cover of Cosmo.

More faith, that grants serenity in the times of hardship,
will be the soothing hand of an Angel on our shoulders as
we say, "I love you" to our enemies, martyrs for a better world.

More positive music will inspire us,
to be the change we want to see in the world, today,
instead of, "Waitin' on the World to Change "♫ ♪ ♫♪

So ladies and gentlemen, make a decision: if you want to be
critics and vipers,
war mongers and hope-snipers,
ignore my intention, and live with more division.

But, if any of you are artists starving for meaning and inspiration,
if you envision a world of more than... THIS...

Then let a word change a feeling,
change a thought, change a meaning,
change your mind...
And get more out of life.
Copyright Paul Langdon October 2010
JD Leishman  Mar 2019
JD Leishman Mar 2019

Do you think that this should be a global urgency?
Selfworth as Commodity!
Do you think that this should be a human priority?
Try telling one billion children living in extreme poverty,
And the twenty two thousand that die each day that their not a priority,
Tell them we have more important matters to adhere,
That our top ten banking bosses earn an excess of two hundred million a year,
So what about our eight hundred and fity million that don’t have access to clean water,
Tell them they dont really have a voice and dont really matter,
Clean is not fourteen billion pounds of waste dumped this year into the sea,
Clean is not two hundred million gallons of crued oil lost into our oceans by BP.

I am Jimmy.
Mia Mar 2013
It's been almost a year
Since we parted ways.
You came to see me in the rain
I threw your flowers in your face
And pushed you away.
You stood there drenched
And watched the light on in my room.
And then turned and walked away.

It's been almost a year
And yet I still love you.
You who made me smile
the boy that drove me nuts.
I miss talking to you,
telling you I want to be with you.
I miss your laugh
when I tell you I need you.
I miss you.

A year and some days
Couldn't lessen the pain.
Of you telling me you loved me no more
but wanted one last night.
I can still feel the sting of my palm
From kissing your cheek with brute strength.
I can feel the rage that fueled selfworth.
I turned and walked away.

I hope you got a good look
Of the last time you will watch me
Walking away with ruthless intent.
When you are alone a year from now
Remember you lost a good thing
and how I loved you.

It's been almost a year
I thought I was done.
But if you rang the doorbell
I would fly into your arms
And forget the past.
Not the love we shared ;
Just the pain.
I still dream about you.
Atrisia Sep 2015
I am sooooo tired,
My mind needs to be shut down,
my head hurts.
Words want to be said but my prides me wounded, my selfworth is burning low
there is a lump in my throat.
I'm haunted by to evanescent nature of my past joy.
Daunted but how far my seems to be.
Yesterday, last week, last month, last year and today have me in the center, wearing the same things, feeling the same,
worried I'm at my end, but a while older

my life seems to be rejecting me; or maybe I it..
I want to be free to exist but everything seems to come with a cost.
There are critics everywhere
even my thoughts have thoughts objecting to them before i receive them and make certain i don't need them.. So I'm running around in circles not knowing why i never got around to things my mind first thought whiles ago,

my will has become meek
my worth shrunk to camouflage with dust specks
I'm exhausted from playing this part,
misguided by the values of what's recently been made 'right'
distracted completely from the life i want to live.
And i don't have a clue which switch ***** it back to normal,
or which life i will leave for those which have grown accustomed to this timid version of me...
After all people aren't always happy when they say. " have changed..."
Amy  Mar 2014
Amy Mar 2014
Every now and then
I question myself
how my life would be now,
if that day didn't happen.

Laying in the grass,
talking to each other
so heavenly.

Later on,
when we moved ourselves
to the forest.

As close we were at first,
so far apart we were when
it ended.

With that, my trust and selfworth
ended too.
T R S  Feb 2018
Gluten Freedom
T R S Feb 2018
Well Done.
She said, but don't ***** it up. Its a start.
How could I?
Your sauciness drove right thru my heart.

Will you please be my bottom bun?
Baby, you're my seed number one.
Sesame wants Sesayou

Tardy to your selfworth day party
Salty, and peppered with hardy haught looks
I've overcooked this simple match up
Maybe baby I'm plain ketchup.
I found myself in anothers eyes.
Reflecting all my wants and why's.
By our hearts beats a universe.
Our love to give and not rehears.
Through our eyes I saw myself
In all my sickness and in health.
For all my truth and selfworth..
Conected being with life on Earth.
This love I feel gives all meaning.
Building real; made in dreaming.
Nadine  Mar 2019
The man I am....
Nadine Mar 2019
What have I done I wonder why
I'm gentle soft and very shy
I was not the man I am today
But anger hatred has come to stay

I'm really fun and so kind at heart
But others ripped my heart apart
I learnt to fend and fight alone
My body ackes my heart does grown

When I was a little lad
I was happy carefree and never sad
I did the things that small boys do
How I'd turnout no one new

As my toddler years went by
I realised my life was but a lie
Violence, anger, abuse and pain
Would make me hang my head in shame

The happy life I knew before
Had suddenly gone out our back door
Our happy home had disappeared
It looked like evil it's ugly head had reared

Been a kid so young at heart
Like every other kid does start
Had to learnt to grow up fast
And try to run far from my past

But as my teen year went on by
I became more withdrawn and shy
I made wrong choices did wrong things
One night stand and many flings

Drugs, ***** and deep dark things to
Took me to a place so cold and blue
Relationship that never last
Oh if I could just return to my past

As I aged and became much older
Tried to be strong and much bolder
But the past that hunted me
Wouldn't go away you see

I know deep down in side my heart
Everything of me was ripped apart
I'm but an empty shell inside
At least it is my place to hide

Ive pulled so far within myself
All's affected even my health
Im falling deeper into a blacken hole
Ive lost myself and I'm loosing my soul

The ones that are my near and dear
They can not see and do not hear
How could they ever understand
Not even I this was never planed

I can't show love and gentleness
Will my life ever change and be a bliss
I mask my breaking heart inside
Behind smiles and laughter I do hide

I sit alone so many nights
Thinking back on all the fights
I've become my dad you see
The one that totally destroyed me

How do I get my self untangled
When my mind is a mess and mangled
I blame the world for who I've become
At time I wish it was said and done

I lost the ones I loved so dear
Because I caused them constant fear
I never planed to be this man
I should of taken a firmer stand

Face my demons and my past
Then mabye I'd be free at last
But I cant I don't know why
Maybe I'm scared so I live a lie

What I want and what I need
I leave to others and there selfish greed
I never make my own decision
And I have fall into total depression

The ones that think there doing good
If they only really understood
What I yearn for deep inside
My needs my wants my silent cries

I'm at a place so far away
On this earth I don't want to stay
I've given up but still holding on
But the gentle me and selfworth is gone

So in my mind Ill retreat again
Blame the world for all my shame
Tell myself it's not my fault
It's just so hard and difficult

Maybe one day all will change
I know this all sounds very strange
But maybe tomorrow all will be well
And I'll at last come out my shell
Mia Pratt Apr 12
For far too long
I had allowed myself
to be scorched
by constant heartbreaks
and broken dreams
through the flames of the enemy
constantly spinning my wheels
and seeking my security and selfworth
from empty vessels who cannot
provide me with the water and fire
I need to sustain my eternal
health and soul
all they do is drain my energy away
until my soul is cremated
into a heap of ash
as black as a wreath
at a funeral prosession

My true vessel of anointing,
healing and energy for
the barreness in my soul
comes from the water and fire
of my God who will resurrect me
from the ashes of my insecurities
to  becoming the victor
he wants me to become
for his kingdom glory

— The End —