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Johnny walker Jun 30
Never at once did I believe dreams could come true
well that Is at leased not for me but how wrong I
For I was a dreamer admit
to dreaming most of my life away but untill I met Helen my sweetheart
wasn't much to dream away
not much did I feel I was missing but once I met Helen
all that was changed for then I wanted to
For my life suddenly had new meaning for I was In love for the first time In my life and I felt wanted and needed In growing up I'd never felt
So many mistakes I've made In life regrettable mistakes thats to late to try and alter
to much time had passed by and I'm now beholden to no
What slave have I become!
Embracing servitude,
Desire no rebellion,
Please! O, my will! Succumb!
To her, with gratitude,
Besides Beauty, there’s none.

I vow to cede control,
No action beyond me,
Beauty is my master!
I’ve no need for my soul,
Beauty, I cede to thee
Fortune or disaster!

Liberty is worthless!
My eyes must stir the heart!
Why live, and not seek you?
I publicly confess,
To Beauty, to Astarte,
You command all I do.
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— The End —