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Rafael Melendez Mar 2017
Want to pretend like I'm having some sort of Revelation. But I still feel alone, I'm still holding back my anger, and my urge to curl my hands into fists, my urge to leave behind everyone and leave myself royally *******. I want to destroy myself entirely.
RhiannonMystique Nov 2016
"The American Dream"
What a let down
Gotta have a thousand dollars to eat for 2 days
...and that's on a budget?
We buy into fast food and occupy the pills
We upload our status and beg for attention
We pray to people who are selfish and lie on the screen
They're all eating cake up on Capitol Hills

****** is free in Hollywood kills

We live in a world where girls have to take off there clothes to pay the bills.
I hate this country its so ****** up
misty Jul 2016
I am trying to pull myself together
Every single day, trying to make it through
I can't do this

I feel like a dog pulled by the neck
I can't seem to breathe and my breath has become someone else's
My feet are buried deep and I'm destroying the flowers I'm being dragged through

I stopped eating from the hand that once was there
I miss it but I can't seem to piece it all together
How something so full could pass faster than the weather

I can't stand on my own, I can't do this
I saw the beauty in things other's didn't
This beauty was never beautiful
Everything I did seemed to be wrong

I am everywhere yet I can't seem to grasp a hold of myself
My thoughts through my fingers
My breath is not mine anymore
Unnamed Poet Jul 2016
beaten and bruised
afraid to be used
but made to be *******
How foolish one must be
to believe you can live
and not die a little
For life is a beautiful lie
Thats why its such a gift
an empty box
filled with a blank slate
Life death lies truth it doesnt matter were all *******
Rabab Liakat May 2016
~~I Never Really Wanted You To See The ******* Up Side Of Me That I Keep Locked Inside Of Me So Deep,,,It Always Seems To Get To Me~~
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I'm done I'm through
There's nothing more that I can do
My life is *******
My heart came unglued
My rents overdue
My car died, my problems grew
So I'm telling you
I want to turn that wonderful hue
A nice pale blue
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
The cage is full
Now what will I do
I think I'm *******
Their busting through
My fear it grew
My lifes askew
They will ensue
can I get a redo
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I'm doing the right things
But life keeps playing it's games
And the wrong thing keeps happening
So there is starting to be an awakening
Deep in my soul
I'm starting to know
No matter what I do
I'm *******
Hannah Feb 2016
no matter how
a bridge may be

fires will always come
and burn
them to the ground

all that we've worked for
now in ashes, black soot
covering my fingers
can we rebuild it together?

or will we be trapped on either side
never meeting in the middle
caught at arms length
further than we ever were before
i ******* up. so bad. can we pretend it never happened?
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