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Look deep
stare for an eternity
only a second passes
but all is revealed

The flickering lights
future and past
mistakes and laughs
tounges of truth lap
at the air we breath

cinders cast
images of home
warm and welcoming
but able to burn at a touch

Sparks clash
as visions of war
pain and loss
blood and love

Smoke twirls
figures of lost love
dances almost forgotten
faces left to dreams

Fires burn
as brightly as our desires
and as deep as our souls
If a tree falls in the forest
And no one is around to hear it
Does it make  a sound

If a gun goes crack in the night
A soul leaves a body limp
Did anyone care enough to see it

If a young man dies alone in a desert
And no one's back home to fear  it
Does anyone care

If a little girl falls in a pool
But mommy never came home
Does she still get a head stone

If a man dies in a crowd
But noone looks up from thier phone
Wasnt he also alone
Here i sit to ponder at a world lost and deprived of wonder, a park bench my throne fitting for a life so somber, i watch as you pass an ephemeral moment lives intertwine, i come to know you through all that you show, but our serendipity was cursory, as i all to well know l.
I see into your lives moments at a time
In that fleeting second i yearn to be there, ache to feel what you feel. To learn what its like to be another for i will never even know your name or your struggle. Nor will you mine.
Your eyes grazing over the world, grazing over me for i and the bush are both one and the same, both wilt away when the world is cold and shudder when the winds of fate tear away at our shells.
Your smile reflects off the window but it shines to deep beyond the glass pane cutting into mine, straight into my soul ******* me back to a time when my life was as bright as your high beams going forward just as fast stay young stay pure stay happy because when your not the brakes slam on and everything seems to stop.
i may never find another like you
but thats okay
i only ever saw you twice
but how much you added to my life
is worth a thousand times
with someone who would have meant less
am i fool to fall in love on the second date
or am i just a broken heart
that finally found the glue
what a shame
the life ripped  me away
before i could find an awnser
maybe it was love
maybe it was a hungry heart
geuss well never know
such a gental movement
looking back at me
your hair swishes away from your soft features
exposing what for me felt like the whole world
such a gental movemnet
but it shook me
to my core
every fiber of my being
I ached to see it just one more time
Beast of burden
Beast of brawn
Work work work
Toil till dawn

Silence your mind
You dont need it here
Zip your moth and follow the line
Work work work
Until its your time
The first time i died
It was quick to start slow to end
It was my own fault
Heart ripped out by sin
Good bye cruel world
My dearest friend

The second time i died
It was slow to the draw
Cruel fate played out like a slow crows caw
Till your soul had leapt
My screams echoed in the hall
Hello world i see your still hear
Just as i had deeply feared

The third time i died
It was pain stakingly slow
It started long ago
I died many times
Each time death i got to know
He became my friend
How i wished i could go
My heart had left
My eyes had wept
Away my soul had crept
Life went on and my body i kept
Till finally i was put to rest
My last thoughts came
I did not want to go

My dearest friend
I shall only ever miss your now and again
You die many times in life but if you dwell on death then how will you live
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