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nom de plume Mar 6
This is the world we live in
This is the world we end in
We'll end with it,
And it with us,
The absolute of nothingness.

This is the only comfort
I can offer you.
The finality of it all.
And, you know, these days,
Comforts are few.

When the world is burning,
and retribution is coming.
Those four men and all their horses
Barely held behind the gate.
Soon, there will be no wants to fulfill
Or desires to sate. Just nothing and ruin and what is left of our undoing.

The end is coming, but
That's alright. The fires
Persist beyond our door.
These are the only comforts
I can offer you:
Knowledge of the eventual end
And arms you can rest in
Til we both undo.

So, can we sleep while the world ends?
The distant sounds of grief
Have not yet reached our window.
Just hold me close, and I will, you
Though the world's set alight
I'll rest easy in your arms tonight.
In bed, embraced.
As the fires rage.

This is how the world ends:
Not with a bang,
But with a kiss goodnight,
With a soft "I love you,"
And a pause;
An eventual, whispered "I love you too."

And when the end comes,
Garishly and unkind
We'll sleep through it,
Peacefully and sublime.
I'd appreciate criticism and feedback on this!
Hayley Sep 2017
My fire is dimming
My heart is heavy with pain
Seeing the sad state of the world
Is putting out my flame
I had hope for positive change
The path seemed so clear
But now all I see is misguided hate
And a planet in fear
Everything is crumbling
Yet people are convinced it's not
Everyone needs humbling
But no one wants to be taught
It hurts me to see
How many people are choosing hate
There is a wrong side here
But it's becoming too late
Life as we know it is about ready to end
Just remember you had a choice
To not let evil win

— The End —