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A local career arsonist--one thoroughly nasty fellow--
who had, for over thirty years, eluded prosecution
died, today, from burns received in an, apparently
bungled house torching. The intended victims
a family of four, escaped without injury.
Everyone, here, felt it long past due
that the firebug-for-hire
finally meet his match.
Osiria Melody Nov 2019
I am more than what others         say
I am more than what others               think
I am more than what others        do
I am more than what others                 feel
I am more than what others      perceive

I am what I           say
I am what I           think
I am what I           do
I am what I           feel
I am what I           perceive

If I do not fit into society's construct,
Then so be it–conventional mules
Being happy for myself is most important
After all, I am my own advocate for the choices
That I make, and that no one can take that away

          ­                                  Self
                          ­                                     I

Nohémie Jan 2019
I looked at you,
as if you were someone new
and that's when I knew
I had been freed from the blues
that you left me to deal with,
and it was overdue.
Just a few thoughts before I go to sleep.
Much love,
toleomato Nov 2018
I must go.
I was almost sure I belonged,
But how many more years
Should I tell myself that?
Memories of those
Long happy nights,
Make me think
What use is it to reminisce
What I, alone, can remember?

I will go out
As if nothing is amiss.
I have done so before,
But half-heartedly.
I listened closely
To see if my absence was noticed,
I had found no murmurs
No stirrings,
Not even an insult
Or a condescending remark:
It was as if I had not left at all,
And with a bruised ego,
I found out that I never had a place here.
So I rushed back
I worked hard
I did my best
And yet
I am ready to leave again
And the taste of the midnight air
Is the still the same;
I will not be missed,
Nor shall my effort be remembered.

I will be back, someday
Maybe 10,
20 years from now.
Will you wait for me?
If I silently let my years pass
And let time
Harden my fingertips
And wrinkle my face
Will you all of a sudden
Remember the passion
With which I was embroiled?
When I return
Will you welcome me again?

It’s not as if I want to go.
I must.
Like most of everyone before me,
I had found what I loved
We are much too fickle to love.
Where I lack in conviction
I am sure to make up with time lost
Wondering how it could have been.

If you had ever been left behind,
Or are trying your best to move forward,
I am sure you understand
How much I want to chase you.
If only I could be happy
In your pursuit.

I will always look for you,
You are the poems I’ve committed to heart,
You are the plays that I had practiced in my bedroom,
The speeches I memorized and picked apart,
You are the sonnets I’ve tried to write,
You are the long letters I’ve never finished,
You were my sole frustration for most of my life,
I was obsessed with you,
Yet I have nothing to show for it.

I will always look for you,
However, you cannot look for me.
I will not be anywhere
But here,
Far back
Looking onwards, from the past,
At the back of your neck as it smudges in the distance
With falling leaves
Petals that lost their way
In an August gust
And the horizon
That blurs
As the sun sets.

Goodbye, goodbye,
I love you, I love you,
Perhaps I shall see you sometime again
But not now
And not ever with me.
Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
I knew
that the last day will come
that the first day will come
that all this is already
it's long overdue
that I was long in the last day
and in the first

I knew
I knew everything from the beginning
from the very end
my soul has always known this
she always knew
that I'm at the same time dead
and alive

Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I'm done I'm through
There's nothing more that I can do
My life is *******
My heart came unglued
My rents overdue
My car died, my problems grew
So I'm telling you
I want to turn that wonderful hue
A nice pale blue
This bar has seen the past as it has been washed clean by today.
Known the scars of fights past lingered in the moment only to  see it replay.

Old friends and past faces we've known together so many years now  I stand alone.
This bar is part of my soul as a ghost I remain long after my life and these doors come to a close.

To the raised glass and closing time dance .
Are waters have seen many a storm tomorrow will be no different my friends.  

Amber the whiskey gold held to light the pint glasses perfect hew .
Time has left us all fragmented time breaks the soul ,time is all that is the history of me and you.

A toast to the nights they paint magic without canvas my thoughts a evergreen signs of neon cast the best ******* shadows my dear.

This bar stands eternal a ghost as myself .
The fog holds mystery but none for you .

Closing time has come .

Cherish your thoughts for it's all we truly ever own my friends .

— The End —