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Maddie M Jan 2
i wish i was a flower

a dead one

so I can grow again

rise from the ashes

and bloom, when the time is right
Scorpius Sep 2018
I watch him
Over days,
With cracks
And tears,
His new skin
And thin.
And I recognize
An old fear
Shimmer through
One iris
Then the next.
And I see him
See me
Watching and waiting,
And I wonder
How many chances
We’ll get.
Julian Delia Jul 2018
This violent sadness,
A self-devouring source of madness.
It is an Atlantean endeavour,
It is pure, jaw-dropping terror.
It is this dense weight that I carry -
Snap out of it, hurry, do not tarry,
For my shoulders quiver
And my nerves grow tired and bitter.

Please, hurry;
Wake the **** up.
We don’t have much time,
And up to the mountain’s peak
I wish to climb.
Do not delay;
Every moment wasted
Is an inch further towards necrotic decay.

Why could you never understand?
Why did you never want to cross into uncharted land?
Why the need to cocoon in one place?
Why did you resort to making me hate my own face?
This road, this journey that is life -
I will live it on the edge of a knife,
In between the worlds of peace and strife.
With the soles of my feet,
I shall run on burning coals, exposed to heat.
Within the corridors of my heart,
I will host freedom as my eternal mistress,
And make my life her work of art.

A sun that never quite rises,
After all this, I feel like a discoloured iris,
Like a struggling butterfly,
One that does not want to die,
But does not want to live, either.
I don’t know
Whether you’re lying to yourself or me,
But all I know is that of these hateful chains
I wish to be free.

I will now walk alone, towards the balcony,
Ready to jump and spread my wings;
I wish to fly alone,
For the skies have no queens nor kings.
I am who I am,
A soul, permanently on the lam
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
'Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.' - Ernest Hemingway
Andres Martinez Jul 2018
Relive the moment
Re-read The history
Repent from the past
Reiterate the words
Rethink the logic
Remember the hardships
Restrain The inscurites
Rewrite The map
Retype the joy
Reassure the foundation
Recite the goals
Re-do the next day
melanie Mar 2018
I watched the smoke rise in the distance
& knew
That what we had once built together
was now gone forever.
Leaving mere ash & rubble in place of the facade of harmony.

I couldn't help but smile.
All my lies
All my heartache
Gone with the the gentle breeze of morning.

Today I start anew.
Jaimi M Nov 2016
There’s this
on my ribs
reminding me
of every choice
I’ve made
and doubted.
You can’t undo
things you’ve
done in this life,
and you can’t
move on
if your mind
won’t let you.
What if you could do it?
Drop everything:
Your family, your loved ones, your job, your house, your life
And leave
To go to a new land, an unknown world
Never to return again
Would you do it?
To build a new life for yourself
Make your name mean something different
To pick your own family, not one to be born into
Have a new job, one you enjoy
Escape the monotonous days on Earth
Having a redo
A blank-slate
Would you do it?
Could you do it?
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
The cage is full
Now what will I do
I think I'm *******
Their busting through
My fear it grew
My lifes askew
They will ensue
can I get a redo
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