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de Negre Jul 19
serve your bullet on the platters
along with the silver spoons and
doomed matters. we don't deserve other
than the dust of our creation.

that's what we are, we beget
ourselves and are not patient
we are our creation,
we are not the scrolls in our town
halls but the clay molded by our hands
and the soccer *****. out in the street,
not stopping other than by abrupt
stamping of your cleat.

the cost of cost may be a
long lost generation, when you spew nukes in a foreign invasion-
we bare our friends corpses and
drag them through the nation,
it’s true the wrong place for
skeletons is the basement.
de Negre Mar 24
it all feels lifeless

the white tile floors
against the white brick walls,
and the stones with sprinkles of
grey- spread out
like seasoning tossed on meat

this beast is faceless

it doesn’t need to snarl
or show it’s ragged claws
to scare me,
and it doesn’t need to open
it’s jaws, or ensnare me in its
paws to shred my body
to pieces

it can stay still. it can just
remain how it is,
with silent, grey doors
and identical rooms

why does
it curtain the light from each face-
stopping them from being
suns in the sky of interaction
or full moons when the earth
has turned itself from the light
of the sun, when life brings
it to where it will go
school is not cool
de Negre Mar 12
despite the fact that i
miss you like how petals
of flowers miss the
wind which pulls them off their stems-
i'm tortured.

it is in that
even though i miss you, that
i'd like to spend all day
with you

but when i see you-

it's like i've found my lungs
are full of those petals,
like i'm choking on that
which i wished for.
de Negre Feb 8
a little loving verse, for
the sweetest love i know.

you are petite, just like a
grape, or a pinky toe.

my little love, my little
sweet, what shall i do?

i think i found the
sweetest love, i found
it just from you.
de Negre Jan 16
the mice haven’t done much,
but the eagle still soars with a strong beak,
i fear for the rodents,
they better live discreet.

god forbid their heads end up
above the leaves,
or sharp talons might tear
shreds from their sheets.

stay seated in your chairs
my friends.
the eagle holds a picture’s scraps
where heaven holds no end.

that map was shredded along with
your brother’s skin.
oh God forbid, that’s it, rabid, next!
i would say a
goodbye to the rabbits,
but they already left.
de Negre Jan 15
why do you chew me up,
why do you ask me to stand under
your flag and its stars, when in a clock’s
turning, i move as sheep to pens, going
from stall to stall, all to learn about you,

why do you hold me on your tongue,
why do you let your baby sheep be
slaughtered in their pens, while your
bleating is too loud for anyone to
end the massacre of the babies;
why is there no discussion,

why do you show me off,
why am i on your tongue, like a snow-
flake on a child's, or the straw
on a sheep's; or the dryness on a man’s
when he is done chewing his meat,

why don't you spit me out,

why don't you let me sit in the mud,
by the **** and the bones of the butchered

why can’t you stop the bleating--
uh oh muck row
de Negre Jan 8
in the land of healthcare and
a flag oddly similar to puerto rico
there have been attacks, sly
maneuvers near the embassy.

sonic sounds blasting the ears
of diplomats; eardrums shattering
like walls under the force of cranes;
such drama! an attack so subtle
one could not accuse an island of
it, as it can't even be seen.

but, it might just be crickets,
such drama, such disappointment.
cuba tuba scuba zumba
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