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Look up at these walls.
Outside the city, but never really seen.
Lacking in uniform, a past of wars and conflict portrayed in every laid brick
History has shown that intruders have been let in.
Maybe disguised but overtime laying siege somehow.
Still poor leadership, or experience were the enemy,
Not just flaming arrows from the other side.

Researching the most recent battle, the scars still fresh in this expanding kingdom,
The enemy did not conquer,
But the kingdom surely did not win.

Warriors unfit for combat, never seeing blood or swords before,
But now the only line of defense for an unsteady people.
Having heard of war before, or even seen a nearby passing army, each man had an image of military and what they must do.
Full of misguided ideas, but not without trying.

Year after year the warriors grew more delusional than the last.
As well as a hunger for the glory of the past.
Over time, the walls were grandiosely constructed,
Assuming the worst, they made them impenetrable,
Strong enough to hold a Kingdom captive but safe from the outside world.
Building upon the history of painful loss.
As expectation of conflict grew,
Strategies were drawn and planned.

But there were no generals, no veterans to lead.
Everything was up to trial and error, as if a fight was a longed for pleasantry.
Seeking after any tension, pushing forces into every contested land.
Battle after battle experience was pillaged, but forces were lost and surely it did not contribute to the true knowledge of a war.
The possibility existed that meaningless battle further romanticized a full on conquest.

Soon the kingdom would come to realize, a reenforcing of the kingdom itself would prove to make better a future of warfare, or even the midst of a war would not bolster the army.
And I left, got shipped off for who knows how long. I left most of home, all except Dora, and maybe the trees.
And the moon never leaves me anyway.
I was feeling as blue as the shadows of the night.
The fluorescent shining down every twenty steps,
I even miss the tungsten no matter how **** it is.
Walking empty to the store, I found myself as you do in another dimension.
It’s too late to be here in reality.
Wait... was that... oh weird.
What are they doing here? And who is that?...
She talked to me, and the others faded into maybe another aisle.
We walked past bakery goods,
We walked through the arts and crafts,
We walked past the entrance,
Talking the whole time.
I knew you weren’t the one,
You weren’t her,
Maybe you were one of her?
I don’t really know yet, but something keeps happening.
You ran your hands along my arm and pulled me with you.
As the end felt near,
We looked at each other, and the hug sealed the connection that needed a stamp.
We held our bodies to each other until the warmth filled us up.
It still always fades...
I don’t know what I’m going back to now...
Hunter Green Sep 22
You make me feel unwanted.
I wonder if maybe it’s my fault::
          Did my silence make you leave?
          Did I bore you with my wrongly
          timed lack of energy?
I question my value.
Am I just not good enough for you?
You send signals I perceived as mixed.
You’re too kind to be a random passerby
Your blueberry eyes lock with mine for too long to be a courteous habit of life.
You don’t really compliment that often do you?
The hardest to dismiss is the week we met.
The proximity for prolonged time,
The warmth from how close our bodies were set.
Maybe I’m just mad of cabin fever,
Too long to distinguish hopefully wishing from an interested soul.
Hunter Green Jul 3
They always run away to die,
Never falling in my arms and singing to the sky.
Will I ever know the breaking point,
Between the dust and the clouds above us.
Hunter Green Jun 10
Does this wall that separates me,
From the chance I have to fully be free,
Require another, a strong and guiding future,
Some opposite to rectify, or is that just a rumor?

A rose in light dawning,
The life of the earth,
A season of thawing.
Oh golden light, leave me now,
This endless fight, something new to be found.
Hunter Green May 1
I’m slipping, I’m falling,
On my way down I see you threatening my standing.
I don’t know why I put up my defenses,
Like I’m at risk of losing my pretenses.
I can’t celebrate, a stone wall rises before I can appreciate.
I punch the brick to distract my mind.
So I can’t think about the intricate truth.
My hands go numb while handling what I find,
But my mind won’t let you go when my failures are proof.
Hunter Green Apr 23
We aren’t the same.
I always thought I knew your heart.
Maybe I still do,
But I know we come from different starts.
Your pain isn’t my pain,
Your memories aren’t mine.
Alone I feel lost in this world of ours.
The same notes, same seasons,
They will never reach me the same.
In a way I’m cut off from every single thing you make.
But your words are conceived in bringing us together,
So why can’t I be content even in things I can’t remember.
Singing songs in separate states.
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