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Romaisa Abbas Apr 23
اور پھر ہم جب تھک جاتے ہیں
کچھ غاںٔب کچھ بھٹک جاتے ہیں

سلسلہ کچھ یوں چلتا ہے
طاق میں بٹھایا موم پگھلتا ہے

کہ انتظار پھر لازوال لگتا ہے
صبر کا موم یونہی پگھلتا ہے

دھند کی محفل یوں ہے لگتی
کہ امید کو ہے ایک چوٹ سی لگتی

اور پھر ہم جب تھک جاتے ہیں
ہم ٹہرے اس وقت میں بس جاتے ہیں
आज भी हुबहू याद हैं वो पल,
जब पहली बार एक दूसरे से वादा किया था,कि मिलेंगे ज़रूर कल;
कितने हसीन थे वो दिन,
आज वो ही यादें बन के सिमट गए,तुम्हारे बिन।
नजाने कितने किये थे वादे,सब निभा भी नहीं पाये,
अब शायद चलेंगे वो भी हमारे साथ कफ़न में,
उनको भी धकेल दिया उस हसीन यादों के सफ़र में ।
जब-जब भी रहें साथ,रंगीन बनाया हर एक लम्हा
उन लम्हों को देख बेरंग हो जाया करता था ये सारा सम्हा ।
अब वजूद नहीं रहा उन लम्हों का,
वो लम्हें भी हिस्सा हैं उन्हीं यादों के समूह का।
नहीं सताते अब वो पल जो साथ बिताए थे,
बल्कि गम हैं उन वादों का जो अधूरे छोर आये थे,
क्योंकि वो सारे वादे भी उन्हीं हसीन यादों नें ही करवायें थे।
-Yash Vardhan
(गुमनाम गालिब)
pnam Jan 8
Language: Roman-Hindi

dard hota hai ab yun dooor na jaaya kijiye
is theer ko ab is dil me hee rahne dijiye
sah na payega ab ye dil ye tho zara dekiye
kafa hain humse agar tho ek mauka aur dijiye

Translation in English

It hurts now don't stay away
Let this cupids arrow in my heart stay
This heart will not bear can't you see
If you are displeased, another chance I plea
Dated 1992
pnam Dec 2019
Your smile stops this time in motion
Your gaze seem to chime sweet whisper
This heart quivers in amour emotion
Mine if not yours this heart forfeiture

Translation to Roman-Hindi:

muskarae jo aap, tho ye wakth kyoon rukha
nazaron ne kuch kaha, aisa hume kyoon laga
hume dar hai ki kanhi, aapse mohabath tho nahi
kho gaya hai dil shayad, aapka nahi, humara tho sahi
Dated 1992
AO Baghi Dec 2017
Aj phir likhne ko dil chaha
chun k gehry alfaaz se
kyun phir rone ko dil chahy
bach kar sab he fasaad se
azab hain ye din do chaar se
har mor par har ik jazbat se
aj likhun mein apne bare
ya likhun sab kuch aap par
aap tw chor gaye choti c baat par
aap tw bhool gaye dekh k halat par
Aj phir likhne ko dil chaha
Aj phir yad kar k rona chaha
AO Baghi Dec 2017
"Raat Gaye"
hum sochte rahe, Raat Gaye
Kyun itni laparwahe, Raat Gaye
Hum sochte rahe, Raat Gaye
Ik bechaini c raat gaye
hum sochte rahe Raat Gaye
Jo sath thy wo chor gaye
hum sochte rahe Raat Gaye
Jo sath thy wo q chor gaye
raat gaye, ehsaas naye
andaz jo thy wo badal gaye
raat gaye, khuwab naye
ankhon mein anso chor gaye
raat gaye, kyun yaad rahe
Some words on late night.
Iamezzycrown Aug 2017
Black image,
white heart ,
golden souls,
which once trampled on loamy brown soil.
Now in the blue sky ,on this day I remember your beautiful colours.
I miss the old school goodness.

To my fathers,
And father Fathers before me.
Down to the route of my lineage.
From west, east ,north and south of the black world.

Their voices remain melodious like the singing birds in calm forest.
Painters of rainbow,
Legends of time,
Flash back in history.

The Africa culture has always been a beautiful peacock,
One that captivates the mind of all men.

On this day, I take the oath to die as a black,
Nothing less ,I stand firm in my belief,
I remain unshakable.
I plant myself under the soil of custom and tradition.

I drink the toxic wine my ancestors left behind,
I promise to slay the roaming lion of civilization.
I remain a royal loyal soul on my fathers soil,
Not a slave in the foreign land.

Africa the Joseph among his brothers,
When I die give my wealth of belief to generation to come, let my soul embrace the hug from the land of legends.

Black I came out of my mothers womb,
Black I will return to my ancestors.

drawing #draw #socialenvy #PleaseForgiveMe #picture #artist #sketch #sketchbook #paper #pen #pencil #artsy #instaart 

— The End —