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May 2020
I show beauty to your eyes
But believe they're all lies
I share hope to all
But let myself fall
I help you forget your pain
But keep it inside my brain
I give you strength to get through
But forget what I've given you

I let myself go down
Preventing you from doing the same
I worry more about you
Because my life is just a game

You have to be safer
I'll keep away the danger
You have to be strong
I'll keep all the wrong
You have to be fair
I'll keep what you can't share
You have to be honest
I'll just keep the rest

To make sure your life is better
I would suffer all pain, if necessary
I'll take in all that kills
The least important thing here is me
I'd prevent you from living my life too
I won't like to see you suffer through
I'll cheer you up when feeling blue
I'll give hints when left with no clue

I would do anything for you
Help you be able to continue
Break down walls and build something new
Because my love for you is true
You would do anything for the ones you love. Sacrifices must be made... for their sake.
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