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Z Jul 24
I'm tired.
I'm sad.
I'm disappointed.
I feel like a fool.
I'll keep on trying.
I'm jealous.
I'm breaking in silence.
I'll be waiting.
Even though my heart aches,
It's okay.
I still love you.
I always have.
I always will.
I hope you still love me too.
words i can't tell her series
Z Jul 23
I'm still alive
I am still breathing
But... Every day
It gets even harder

I used to feel tired
to feel accomplished
But.... Now
I'm just numb

I don't feel anymore
Like a zombie
Wandering the Earth
with a meaningless life
there's nothing that can cure me
Z Jul 13
Maybe it's her grumpy side that I fell in love with
Maybe it's her patience, or her whole existence
that made me want to be with her
or maybe it's her "I miss you" that made me stay
Maybe the only reason I stayed is because I love her
I love her that even though it hurts, I keep saying I'll stay

Maybe it breaks me when she only sees the worst in me
Maybe I apologized way too much
Maybe it's her "I'm used to it"
that made me stop doing anything
Maybe the only reason I stayed is because I'm used to it
I'm used to the pain every time she ignores me

Maybe she don't want me anymore
Maybe I'll reach my breaking point
Maybe we need to set each other free
Maybe we are not meant to be with each other's arms
But until that happens, I'll stay
and I'll keep saying "it's okay"
words i can't tell her part 8
Z Jul 9
my heart aches
literally and figuratively
i want to tell you
but you are too busy
ignoring me
words i can't tell her part 7
Z Jul 8
You're a fallen
Not an angel from heaven
But a lover from the stars
Given to me
Like a wish come true
Z Jul 6
my heart
it does not beat
like normal hearts do,
but i know for sure
that this peculiar heart of mine
beats just for you.
Z Apr 29
51 hours, 6 minutes
It's only you I can think of

51 hours, 6 minutes
I'm waiting for you to notice me

51 hours, 6 minutes
I want to keep waiting
but it is just so tiring

51 hours, 6 minutes
I'm sad
I'm disappointed
I'm jealous
I'm tired
but I still love you
and I'll keep on waiting
words i can't tell her part 6
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