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Z Aug 14
I am still haunted
with the most
heartbreaking words
you've ever told me

"I will wait for you
I believe in you."

And all I ever did was
make you wait.
  Aug 14 Z
A poet in Paradise
I woke up this morning thinking of you...
Then I went out and saw flowers...
The clouds and the blue sky...
Heard birds chirping...
Everything in nature reminds me of you...
For you are beautiful and kind...
And I am always thinking of you...
And yearning for your eyes and your smile...
But mostly wishing for your happiness...
That is how much I love you, beautiful girl...
For I will be happy if you are happy...
Even if we are not together...
I am always thinking of you..
Z Aug 14
I still remember
the most painful words
I've ever received
from you

"We all have reasons
(to give up),
and mine
was simply
Z Sep 2020
let me tell me you something about colors

silver produces red
red and silver
turns white into black
black brings you yellow
until you end up with blue
Z Sep 2020
I'm tired
You're urging me
to keep doing it
to keep up
but how can I?
I'm already way too deep
I'm drowning
Save me
words i can't tell her part 10
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