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Jun 2018
Oh! Happy, Confident, It’s finally all done!
My happy moments of truth felt brighter than 30 suns,
I finally got through it even if it hurt a tonne,
annoying all my new friends with overrated puns.

Fans from left to right are finally meeting me there,
I speak words of wisdom and hope that they learn,
they comfort me from all the stories I share,
who knew it would all change you see? When I begin to turn.

Fair skin walks towards me with smiles of pure glee,
I know there’s something here, I see it in his eyes,
he looks up to say, he’s always wanted to see me,
I hold a moment in time, I can see him rise to the highs!

Shades of red covered us both,
it became a blanket of pure hope,
I then vowed to take an oath to see your growth,
to see you excel beyond this *****.

He reminded me of when I was just a dreamer back then,
When I always wondered when...

He sprung up happy, I could tell,
the spark in him never shone so well.
When I was talking to many people starting out YouTube, they would sometimes ask me about it:
    • How can I do this?
    • Is there a secret?
    • Do you know how I can get a following?

In honesty, people just want to see nice, genuine caring people.
Of course you can make views easily by being a **** to everyone because drama sells, but in the end of the day, it was genuine people, being themselves.

One in particular stood out to me when I was young when he started out, was this guy who was really shy at first, but he was an absolute sweetheart, heart of gold and a mind filled with ideas and ambition. I always wanted the best for him and sadly I cut off with them.

Many years later I did see them have their own uprising of following and it made me happy. I was quite glad to know that I could inspire someone to be themselves and go out there to show off who they really are.

I was inspired by irregular ode mixed in with some free versing for this. I wanted to create almost a structure of hope, a feeling of importance and happiness.

Odes are something I do need to practice, but I do think I did a rather good job.
Louisa Coller
Written by
Louisa Coller  21/Non-binary/Whitnash
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