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I want him
He wants me too

I want to see him
He wants to see me too

This is wrong

I know it
He knows it too

I should stop myself
but I can’t stop myself
though he belongs to somebody else
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I’m stuck on you
I think of you all the time
I can’t get you out of my mind

I want to call
I want to talk to you
but I wouldn’t

I shouldn’t
you should
but you haven’t

so I pick up my phone
and dial your number
cos I’m stuck on you
Mariam Shittu Mar 17
The rain holds a beauty
no one can truly get enough of

It’s scary yet calming
It’s annoying yet welcoming

It’s controlling yet pleasing
It’s depressing yet refreshing

It’s special and rhythmic
and nothing compares to it

It’s beautiful outside
and you know why

It’s raining.
Mariam Shittu Mar 17
You always find
a solution
to every problem

You always know
what to say
to make it all okay

You always show up
no matter
the time or place

You always get me
even when
I don’t get myself

You always know
you know me
Mariam Shittu Mar 15
It’s okay if it scares you
It’s okay if it confuses you

It’s okay if it challenges you
It’s okay if it frustrates you

It’s okay if it fazes you
It’s okay if it amazes you

It’s okay if it transforms you
It’s even okay if it changes you

It’s not okay if you don’t chase it.
Mariam Shittu Mar 15
It takes you to the past
forgetting the present

It makes you relive the happy moments
or creates repeated sad moments

It makes you wish everything was different
or you could turn back the hands of time

It makes you wail uncontrollably
or go completely mute

It makes you see life anew
and enjoy every moment all through

It’s grief and it’s different for me and you.
Mariam Shittu Mar 15
Maybe there’s no happily ever after,
Brad and Angie ended.
Jack died, Rose lived.

Maybe there’s no together forever
no till death do us part.
no fairytale ending.

Maybe its okay to have
several beginnings
and different endings.

Maybe we are only meant
to hold on to our happy
for as long as we can.
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