Mariam Shittu Mar 24
Don’t tell me what sounds nice
Tell me the truth
Don’t tell me you love me
Show me you do
Don’t tell me you want me
Show me you can’t exist without me
Don’t just tickle my ears
Tell me your secrets, wishes and fears
Don’t tell me lies
Trust me with your truth
Mariam Shittu Feb 13
I miss you

I don’t just miss you,
I need you.

I don’t just need you,
I want you.

I don’t just want you,
I want you back.
I’m hurting
and you can’t see my pain
it hurts that you can’t
though I sheild it from you

I’m okay
that’s what you believe
I’m too scared to say it
but I’m screaming at you for help

All I want
is for you to see me
behind all my guards
and save me
In You
I found purpose
You made me dream again

In You
I found hope
You made me believe again

In You
I found comfort
You made me feel safe again

In You
I found beauty
You made me see again

In You
I found joy
You made me want to live again

In You
I found love
You made me give my all again

In You
I found happiness
You made me laugh again

In You
I found peace
You made me whole again

So don’t go breaking my heart…
Mariam Shittu Dec 2017
There’s no me
Without you

There’s you
Then there’s me

Life’s been tough
Without you

There’s me
There’s no more you

Looking over my shoulder
Watching me get older

Buying my favorite things
Guiding me thorough everything

Teaching me to be strong
Scolding me when I’m wrong

Taming me everyday
To the woman I am today

I never imagined life
Without you

Now I have to live life
Without you
Mariam Shittu Dec 2017
I am angry, very angry
Angry at the world
Angry at life
Angry at everything

I’ve been bitter, very bitter
Bitter you’re not here
Bitter you’re no more
Bitter you’re gone

I’ve been angry, just angry
Angry I couldn’t stop time
Angry I couldn’t heal you
Angry I couldn’t save you

I am bitter, just bitter
Bitter I had to let you go
Bitter I had to watch you go
Bitter I had to say goodbye

I’ve been angry, still angry
Angry because I miss you
Angry because I need you
Angry because I ache for you

I’ve been bitter, still bitter
Bitter I lost my role model
Bitter I lost my best
Bitter I lost my biggest fan

I’m am angry, very angry
Even though you wouldn’t want me angry
Even though you wouldn’t want me sad
Even though you would want me happy
Mariam Shittu Dec 2017
I want to go back
To change things
To a new life
With no worries

I want to stop time
To tell you
All I haven’t
Had a chance to say

I want to take care
Of you
As much as
You have taken care of me

I want to make you proud
Cook your favorite dish
Better than you
With you smiling sheepishly

I want to see the world
With you
Take you everywhere
And have the best holidays

I want to give you
All my love
Everything you want
And may ever need
No one prepares you for loss it just happens
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