Mariam Shittu Oct 17

As the sun is scarce
And light is rare
As the sky is dull
And the leaves fall

As the earth is full
And time stands still
As a man is happy
And another is sad

As the ocean is lonely
And water runs dry
As I think closely
And time passes by

As the wind blows
And the train speeds fast
As your heart is racing
And I let you in

As now is golden
And sadness is forgotten
As I hold you closely
And let this be

Mariam Shittu Oct 13

I see you
Walking towards me

I’m grinning
Checking you out

Butterflies in my belly
While you’re with me

We kiss
And you take my breath away

If this is love
I don’t want it to end…

I’m here alone
But you’re in my thoughts

I yearn for my medicine
That is what you are

We talk
And I forget all my worries

Your voice
Is music to my soul

If this is love
I’m glad I found it…

I feel safe
Knowing I have you by me

When I’m with you
I can see us together grey and old

I’m content
Knowing I have the best

When I’m not with you
I can’t stop thinking about you

I hope this is love
I want it forever

October, October
I have goosebumps all over
It’s my favorite month
It’s my birthday month

Autumn has rolled out
Feels like I’ve been waiting forever
Sinking in the cool breeze
Saying goodbye to the summer heat

October, October
I’m gonna be a year older
Happy times are near
Now that I have you here

Soon will come the eight
I’ll get to drink soda
Clad in my birthday suit
I’m gonna be broker

October is here
I’m dancing with glee
Close to my heart like the colour purple
With you everything isn’t hurtful

With two ember months left
It’s time for me to reflect
The year is coming to an end
It’s time to plan what’s next

Mariam Shittu Sep 26

She's in the sun,
the stars and the moon

She's in the wind,
the heat and the rain

She's in my thoughts,
my memories and wishes

She's my life,
my being and existence

She's gold,
not silver or bronze

She's strong,
tough and fierce

She's somebody,
everybody and everything

She hangs on with faith,
not fear and weakness

She spreads love
not sadness or pain

She's gonna be free,
spread her wings and be

Hanging on to hope
Mariam Shittu Sep 24

Sitting here, trying to be strong
Wondering, where did it go wrong

The late night phone calls
And early morning messages

The planning for each weekend
And all the places we unwind

The memories we shared
And things we discovered together

Your funny facial expressions
And the way you made me laugh

How we were so alike
And different at the same time

The way you knew when something was wrong
And I hadn’t said anything

The way you made me look forward to your surprises
And I thought I hated surprises

Your cheesyness, stubbornness and procrastination
And all the things that make you you

I’ve come to accept it’s all in the past
And I have to move on fast

Mariam Shittu Sep 12

The clouds are shifting
moving and forming
it's going to rain
flow and pour

I like the rain
it's beautiful and musical
I like the sound
the thunder and lightning

Mum says we have to stay indoors
it's wet and cold
Sitting by the window
waiting and watching

I love the rain
it's special and natural
raincoats and rain boots
daytime or night time

I like to play in the rain
running and dancing
it's fun a lot
till I get caught

The water from the rain
is refreshing and pure
the plants are fed
the earth is happy

I love the rain
and all it brings
there's nothing compared
to it's wonder and existence

I love playing in the rain when I was little and I felt like a little kid again writing this.
Mariam Shittu Sep 10

Sister, sister

The only friend I had
Before I understood what a friend was

Who taught me everything she knew
And everything she didn’t know

My role model
My fashion icon
My entertainer
My cheerleader

She always has my back
When I’m right or wrong

She knows what I’m thinking
Before I even say it

She knows how to make me feel good
When I’m feeling down

My confidant
My companion
My accomplice
My stylist

The one who tolerates my mood swings when I’m being distant

The one who keeps my secrets safe without even asking

The one who knows what I need just at the right time

The one who understands me better than everyone else

We may drift apart but you’re always near

We may fight but we always find our way back to each other

In you, I found a best friend
In you, I found a twin
In you, I found a soulmate

My sister, my everything

Sister, sister

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