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Beverly McKenna Jun 2018
I've been wanting to write a song since I was 17 years old.
Put my own things to the side, to help another man grow.
Now I'm here at 25 tryna find what I stand for.
With my little girls eyes watching every move close.
I lost all my sense of pride, had me laying on the floor.
Felt so much pain inside, still couldn't make it out that door.
Felt like I failed my daughter inside, let her see her mother choke.
Saw the pain all in her eyes and knew that it was time to go.
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Beverly McKenna Jun 2018
I've been working OT,
Tryna show you what it like just to be with me
But everytime that you come close, I'm running away
Unconscious saying I just need my space.
But when I'm all alone my thoughts of you sway,
Dreaming 'bout the day that you call me baby.
I'm stuck on stupid tryna plot on my next move
But my guard so high I can't seem to see my way through.
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Beverly McKenna Jun 2018
My biggest fear is falling in love again
But when your right in front of me all I see is it.
Always there to leaned an ear when ever I needed it.
And always knew just what to say to make me believe again.
You Push me further then myself and build my confidence
Cause when you looked at me, this armor around me melts
Can find me running from my past, telling me not to fall again
End up falling in your lap, **** Cupid’***** me again
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— The End —