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Payton Hayes Jul 2018
This is where the ettin walks,
two-headed, three stories tall.
I’ve never heard the ettin talk,
save for his rancorous call.
Here, he lumbers, like an oaf,
towing up into the sky,
watching down upon the grove,
with his four golden eyes.
This giant is a savage beast
with a ram strapped to his back.
He is almost never at peace
except when he takes a nap.
The ettin lives up in the hills,
and walks between the trees,
guarding the grove from unwanted foes
and attacking those he sees.
The ettin carries an enormous club,
made from a withered old tree root.
He wears little ragged clothes
and stumbles around barefoot.
This poem is inspired by the ettins from World of Warcraft
Liz Carlson Apr 2017
My heart becomes heavy,
as the children dance and I watch in envy.
Little do they know that fear is deadly,
they just throw confetti.
Oh, how I wish I could turn back time,
to play with dolls without it being a crime.
Back when I didn't have a care in the world,
and I just twirled.
Back when it was easy to make a friend,
now all relationships end.
I worry about my future,
and think back on when life was smoother.
This is my first rhyming poem.
julie Feb 2017
let me explain to you how my love story went.
it was nothing to brag of, yet something to vent.
i was young, and i was free,
thinking of today, and tomorrow just a dream.
you brought to me sunshine on my brightest days,
filling me with an extreme happiness, all through your ways.
yet, during the storm, you would begin to rage.
questioning why i would act this way at my age.
questioning my maturity, questioning my love,
questioning why i would never put you above.
you saw yourself to be mighty, and worthy,
placing me under your flooding sea.
day by day, sun by rain,
i felt less love, and more so pain.
less kisses, more fights,
more secrets, less sights.
we went from so close to opposite poles,
with our relationship deteriorating by holes.
hello's spoken only at audible measures,
now both dust, and once both treasures.
i seek to understand just where we went wrong,
and if we could together, to ever belong.
LifeBeauty13 Sep 2016
We are one
we are complete,I am complete,I was complete

Anguish blackens my soul
pain inhabits every tear
alone I am no longer whole
the shadows fill me with fear

I use to like wearing black
but not today,I long for a joyful shade
I stand immobile with the wailing at my back
staring at this casket,hoping my memory will fade

How can my lungs breathe
all these questions,more than a few
anger keeping me alive,how I seethe
when I long to be with you

Freezing hand of dirt,a thrown rose
shadows of yesterday etched in a thought
how do I get through this,I don't know
laying on the ground with you,I can't be fought
Death is paralyzing for those left.

— The End —