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kaehaniya Sep 2020
awkward questions, awkward stares
told that i'm putting on airs
written out of all the prayers
i don't fit into the squares
kaehaniya Aug 2020
this is a song
it’s about math
it’s not too long
i’m sure of that.

math has always
been quite fun
and you’ll never faze
the endless puns.

math can be easy
math can be hard
but it’s never cheesy
it’s never charred

well, that’s all for this poem today
but math? it’ll always be there, in a way.
this was for a challenge - write a shakespearean sonnet about math
kaehaniya Aug 2020
unmarked graves
have nothing to say.
were they the hunters?
or were they the prey?
“are we the hunters, or are we the prey?”
- ruelle // game of survival
kaehaniya Aug 2020
the electronics of your heart
can’t stop or they won’t ever start
see how fast they fall apart
they'll always be the finest art
make sure no one has a head start
don't you dare call me a sweetheart
everything's state of the art
i'll never manage to restart
what always seems to outsmart
but your electronics, they're so ****
they don't ever need to act more smart.
"the electronics of your heart, see how fast they fall apart."
- lorde // biting down
kaehaniya Aug 2020
these rumors, they have big teeth
they're not afraid to bite
they hide their truth beneath
what you see at first sight.
“these rumors, they have big teeth.”
- lorde // green light
kaehaniya Aug 2020
thirteen chimes
out of time
hint of lime
twisted rhyme
last of nine
kaehaniya Aug 2020
if my heart was made of stone,
would i feel not so alone?
"heart made of glass, my mind of stone."
- billie eilish + khalid // lovely
kaehaniya Aug 2020
i didn’t know what to think
i didn’t know what to do
but what i did know
was that you were see-through.
kaehaniya Aug 2020
with the power for good
or for the reverse,
it was a blessing
and it was a curse.
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