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When you wish upon a star
just to forget who you are,
what does that say
about this girl wasting away?

To keep you in my life
was such bitterness and strife.
I pushed you away from me
because you were close enough to see

To see the scars painted in my head
and the thought I wished would just stay dead.
And when I go to bury you
there's very little I can do.

You spark a light so dark within
maybe I should let you win.
But the light burns me from inside
And from your love, I run and hide.

I don't know why I am this way,
But please, don't go away.
I need this love, so little I've had
even if it feels so bad.

It's not your fault I feel this way
the earth wanted my mind to decay
I stay awake through the night.
wishing I could stand the light.

What would happen I took a step?
Would I burn and wither where I slept?
I want to try so desperately.
But I'm terrified of all that may be.

So take my hand and guide me there.
away from this world of despair,
This house is a fun-house of slaughter
Because they can't take care of their daughter
sand drifts down deserted beach

leaves float off once vibrant trees

lashes left untouched on cheek

curtains shut the bright sun bleak

endless hours of midnight sound

bruised knuckles on dark wood pound

sound of sheets sigh on mattress

second-hands strike drum and miss

misspelled words, soft spoken steps

lonely rose, the last one left

no air in two burning lungs

dead garland on mantle hung

dust dances for aimless wind

sunflowers to ashes bend

salt vacates a brackish sea

empty woods hold silent plea

never-ending days to come

deeper nights, but brighter sun

— The End —