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aaron Jan 10
mi ta kom sif da moshisolo
ando felota, felota, felota
naterash wit pensating mi
fo wa Belte mogut.

depelesh mi wanya go;
im wa pelesh sefesowng
wit sownte mali
unte tim fo kopeng mi
fo sasa du amolof foriya.

depelesh kopeng mi
kang sasa feriting fo kowlmang
unte imalowda malimang

amash mi ando felota
unte mi gonya pensa
fo wa Belte wit feriting.
  Nov 2020 aaron
John AD
I'm delusional yes I am ,
I can see the Carcass at the gates,
Smashing your face,Pulling your veins
Death Angel has come, prepare to die,
When the reaper strikes you, you can't tell a lie,

Decapitating your head , Like a Dying fetus
Abducted by an alien , Now you can see Jesus
From being eaten alive , to the Flesh and the power
Of Death above , Into the Dead Sky.

Butchering knife cuts my body in a half,
I can see myself in Obituary I was chopped in half,
The Venom in my body still flowing bit by bit
Yes, I can feel it the skin in my teeth!
aaron Nov 2020
the only thing that provides solace
in a time of utter confusion,
lack of stability, pain
are chuck schuldiner's words.

as he once wrote:
"See past the dark
And use your energy
Learn from these images
Thoughts that we call dreams."

so i grasp wildly through the dark
to find meaning
before the dreams are forgotten when I wake;
it is the only thing keeping me sane.

if he were alive today,
he would speak truth to injustice
in the most poetic way imaginable,
a way I know I would feel too.
idek what this was honestly
aaron Sep 2020
new announcement:
due Monday at 11:59 PM
unit assignment
requires: more energy than I can muster right now.

each morning repeats;
wake up to notifications and expectations
forcing a mindset that is almost impossible to maintain
every minute that passes
is a minute wasted.

timelines approach,
all that is felt is
indescribable exhaustion
is that assignment really due,
or is this all my imagination?

this all feels like
an overlapping, metaphorical Sisyphus;
every day I push one boulder up a hill,
but there are several others deserving of my attention
and they are never ending.
aaron Dec 2019
sodality is solidarity
so abolish class and the state
hold on to your family
and fight fascism and hate
aaron Jul 2019
i see you as a figure of lust
like david harbour,
david thewlis
and john tavares

but others
i see you as a father
unlike my own
kind, understanding
and has basic human decency

i like that.
aaron Jul 2019
You knew the thread was there,
And you pulled
Until the feeling of the thread
Tickling your skin
Made you stop
He grabbed his needle
And started again
Back and forth,
And back and forth
Until you realized
as your hands bled,
There were scissors beside you
This entire time.
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