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Luke Twyne Sep 28
Silent goodbyes taking the longest to arrive
Like old things,
fading from memory

Some things can only end in silence
Words cause pain,
for those unwilling to let go

It's strange how certainties can become naivety
We can love,
but love can be revealed as a delusion

I no longer miss, think of, nor want you
I love you,
yet somehow I know that I'll forget most of  you

At least you'll be immortal in my ink
A person I no longer call home
Luke Twyne Jan 2021
I dreamt I killed a god,
withstood the scorpions of his mind,
woke up in his body,
turned his face into mine.

I freed his slaves,
healed their wounds,
tore down his churches,
erased the sound of his name.

I found a desert,
with a broken people,
made a sea of pure water,
a grove of endless fruit trees,
and a mountain of black stone.

With black children,
I surfed, I climbed, I ate
I took away fear, I took away pain,
I took everything but death.

I fell in love with a black queen,
who had no kingdom,
her soul filled with more soul,
than some family trees.
She sung only truth

We danced under the stars,
she asked me:
What do you stand for?
What would you die for?
Are you willing to love?

I kissed her skin,
made love to her scars,
listened to the music of her,
tasted her hidden tears.

I awoke alone on the beach,
everyone sleeping in their homes,
protected from the morning cold,
peaceful for the first time.

I waited at a bus stop,
climbed an empty bus with no destination,
watched the beach pass by,
and all the other infinite landscapes.

I slept and woke,
sung and wrote,
watched a thousand people come and go,
found myself sobbing tears,
how lonely it is to be god.
Dreams tell a thousand truths and more
Luke Twyne Jan 2021
The sun has risen,
Bathing the world.
More life is given,
The flowers stand bold.

It strikes the earth,
The rivers and the lakes.
The animals search,
The world awakes.

The vivid colours,
The scents of life.
The heat of summer,
A giving light.

It strikes soft skin,
True shade of brown.
Alights a scene,
Beauty in bounds.

Cloth of auburn,
Elegance and storm.
Colours of autumn,
Kissing her form.

Daughter of wisdom,
A beauty hidden,
Forgotten queendom,
A thought unbidden

I am LOVE,
she says.
She is LOVE,
No word play.
Luke Twyne Jan 2021
I can feel you there
Waiting, yearning
For my thoughts to take a abrupt left turn

I reject you
You the weakness within me

You cloud my vision
You consume my hope
You devour my opinion
You erase the truth I wrote

I will not find love
I will not know peace
I will not change anything
I will not see the moment I meet my goals

I reject you
You the fear within me

I will find my truths
And the path that I need to take
I will achieve my dreams
And the peace that is my purpose
Luke Twyne Jan 2021
It began as lust,
In a desire to mark you,
With every bite and ******,
And leave you with shades of blue

Then it began to change,
Where kisses slowed,
my heart uncaged,
A red ribbon between us flowed

It became love,
To stop the time,
Sating heart that's starved,
And call each other mine

Now my heart is yours,
Our bodies dance,
Opened all doors,
And together we advance

For my heart is owned by you,
The arrow of my heart aimed true
Luke Twyne Jan 2021
Beat slow,
My mind is spinning.
Times stopped,
Our love is ending.

A moment passes,
You hold my hand.
Pull me close,
You make me stand.

Eyes bleed,
You tell me lies.
River runs,
I hold my truth.

Kiss goodbye,
You run from me.
****** lips,
A knife of steel.

Figure shrinks,
Vague memory.
A day away,
Gullible vanity.

Dissecting words,
Not once nor thrice.
Echoes aloud,
Our loves plight.

My thoughts are full,
On grass I lay.
Replay a moment,
Please won't you stay.

A bitter truth
I hold within,
We died the moment
You chose to sin.
Luke Twyne Jan 2021

I will play a song of sorrow and sin
Dance with me
Let the fickle moon witness
Broken hearts dancing to unheard music


I will embrace your scarred body
Lay with me
Let memories fall as tears
Bed of feathers made of white wings


I will etch moments upon your heart
Walk with me
Let the shifting leaves know
Forgotten hopes burnt upon our skin


I will chase you till my lungs burn
Sing with me
Let the sleeping forest listen
Dreams of love echoes upon the wind


I will love you till my death
Be with me,
Let love scream it's painful sound
Ashes from a burnt out fire


Sunrise plays it's hollow tune
Gone is the oasis, here are the hot dunes
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