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jg Dec 2018
I dream of a Christmas
Where all of our dreams have come true,
Where all our hatred has gone to rue,

Where all our souls are loved,
And each of our broken pieces glued,

I dream of a Christmas
Where happiness rules each person's face,
And loneliness and frowns have no place
  Nov 2018 jg

Of love I know no more or less

but what my heart will speak

between the beats, I guess

it knows much more unless

confused between a touch

when love somehow I seek

but know of love not much.

November 2018
“Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.”
― Alfred Lord Tennyson, In Memoriam
jg Oct 2018
For so long I've wanted to dive into your sweet and warming rhymes,
But a voice inside me tells me otherwise,
So I have decided i won't listen to it,
I've learned to be brave within some time,
Unlike the voice,
which is just hiding from what it truly is; Fear.
So finally, i have my dreams clear,
sit and watch me jump into happiness and be free
jg Oct 2018
You ask why I no longer write,
But how on Earth am I supposed to?
The parts you took from me were the best
that I could do

The day you slowly flew,
from the utter mess of what we were,
from me and my life,
You took what used to be a joyful soul
before the wound
of your manipulative knife,
And you left it here
to rue seeing nothing
but black and blue.

You ask why I no longer write,
But you still miss to understand;
You have taken with you my fragile arms
through your deceitful but compelling charms,

You have taken with you my sensible and thin fingers
With the way your body used to linger,
Millimeters away from mine,
just enough to make it impossible for me to live without.

And you still ask why I no longer write...
This has been so far, my favorite poem of mine. That is why im reposting it. Hope you enjoy!
jg Oct 2018
Have patience,
Life indeed, and destiny itself,
has plans all over your gracious dreams

Life has it's own timing,
Look at all the noise we make, and yet everything is rhyming
at it's own pace and style,
Synchronizing and intertwining for an infinite while.
jg Oct 2018

Look at all we have,
Can't you see i'm your better half?

When the world is falling apart,
Who has been there to hold your heart?

When the light seems dim,
I've shown you the way by caressing your golden skin

& when the air gets cold,
I've given you my whole body for you to hold

Baby, please tell me you still feel love when i look into your eyes, because i can't take no more lies...
jg Sep 2018
Yes, life gives us challenges,
Life sometimes makes us think we're weak,
But when the right people come in your life
I asure you, they'll repair all the damages
By maybe, just a kiss on your cheek
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