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jg May 2020
Your deceitful words and actions will forever be in my mind.
They hurt like hell but thank to them i stand unblind
And realize with pain, that you were never mine

You ask for a forgivness i can never give,
Despite how much our voices we crave
with that we shall ever live.

You left me with a fear i've never felt,
Your pain made me forget how i used to melt
in your gaze, but now my heart for peace only prays...
jg May 2020
Love is not supposed to hurt you, its supposed to heal you.
Love is supposed to enlighten you, not consume you.

Love is not supposed to hurt, its supposed to feel like magic.
jg Mar 2020
It’s 1:17 am and i’m still awake on a Monday, but it’s no longer because of the coffee in your eyes but the lies I see in them.

Es la 1:17 am y sigo despierta un lunes, y ya no es por el café de tus ojos, sino por las mentiras que encuentro en ellos.
jg Mar 2020
Sun bright and beautiful,
Breakfast made by you in bed as usual

Heat and sweat,
Kisses and eyes met,

Wind strong and fresh,
Our souls, bones and flesh
devoted to one another

The world: chaotic.
Our love: unbothered,
Powerful and ******

Night full of stars
-But so are your eyes -
And when I’m next to you,
My heart flies touching  every living star
From afar...
jg Mar 2020
Hello Poetry, it’s me again.

I’ve come back with a broken heart and lots of sad words to be written soon underneath the blurry moon, that has always inspired me to this day and its sadness way
jg Dec 2018
I dream of a Christmas
Where all of our dreams have come true,
Where all our hatred has gone to rue,

Where all our souls are loved,
And each of our broken pieces glued,

I dream of a Christmas
Where happiness rules each person's face,
And loneliness and frowns have no place
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