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Lefa Mzondi Jun 2017
I want that typa relationship
That pinky swear typa relationship.
That "you hang up, No you hang up."
That speaking as 3rd person type of relationship. That "Lefa is not talking you." Typa relationship.
Lol, that "I'm never talking to you, I'm still mad," but yet remind me every 10 minutes that you still mad at me.
That relationship when you dead mad at me and still bring me a blanket cos I'm cold.
I want that relationship.
That "Babe how do I look?"; "Wow babe, God must've been showing off when he created you", typa relationship.
I wan't you...
You're my typa relationship.
Ronit  Jun 2019
Endless Regrets
Ronit Jun 2019

For your sake
I will not cross over from this side of my isolated world
Let me listen in peace
Spilling from a cracked glass marble
To the gentle sigh of this autumn night .....

For your sake, I could've left this world
I deceided to just stay behind .......

I didn't show my true feelings
Hence the vauge answers
I didn't want to get hurt
So I pushed away the idea of a relationship
I was too afraid to ask and touch
So I stayed away from the bottled emotions .......

Amongst all of this swirling chaos
I found your gaze
Kind and loving
Fixated on my lonesome self ..........

A fact that I couldn't have overcome the distance
With this ongoing cosmetic relatioship I've created
The distance I couldn't reach out to
Now broken and torn apart .......

We can never get back to the beginning
Repeat over and over again
Will you kiss me one last time?
While this halogen rain
Dissolve my endless regrets ...........

Tried to understand what piece was missing
I brought myself more closer to you
To avoid the pain of being left behind
Just wanted a perfect lie to cover the truth .......
Left behind, we collided
Intoxicated , we unmasked our claws and tore into each other's chest
Is it hard for you listen from the other side of the wall?
Forgive me, my words are slowly disappearing in this solitary space .....

Every moment is an eternity
My tired self gets worn out whenever I stopped walking
Come closer one more time
Bury me one last time and run away again
Help me overcome this flawless burden .......

In return I will give you back the treasure
I stole from your chest
Buried deep inside of your heart
All this time it was a part of me
Like a waning moon to a traveller of the ending night
Even if we've torned apart .....
Help me stay forever in this otherworld
Free yourself from the memories
Discard the trinkets we picked up from the shore
Help me, to take with me , all of your sorrow
Leave without a parting sigh
And breathe into your life a new tomorrow .......

I am just so, so sorry that from my part
I just can't say the last goodbye yet
Throw me away
But for one last time
Show me your old smile
In such a forgotten bliss
I will be swayed ............

This hallucinogenic isolation has frozen all the way to the edge of my molecules
While the night loves eternity
The last twilight dreams of a snowy night
Where the kingdom of frost illuminates with  flickering pale moonlight ......

From the hidden depth where nothing reaches
I will dream of our painted on canvas days
If I ever wake up
I will cling to a false hope
That the day of understanding comes around again .......

After all this time
I understood that I cannot overcome the distance
With this ongoing cosmetic relatioship that I've created
The distance I couldn't reach out to
Now broken and torn apart .......

For your sake
I erased the distance
In time , you will ponder that if I even existed!  .......

Help me bury myself
So that I can never bring myself to the beginning
Will you kiss me one last time?
While this halogen rain
Dissolve my endless regrets ...........

Dan Jamison  Oct 2015
Dan Jamison Oct 2015
Oh how I long for release,
The sweet kiss of death,
Ending this relatioship I have,
With life.
Semihten5  Aug 2017
Semihten5 Aug 2017
a  grifter's job
a piece from the shore is disappearing every moment
in front of the eyes of witness

it doesn't leave any fingerprints
such unprecented ever since

maybe there is no appeal of the coast
because grifter is someone coast's loves

this relatioship goes on
since the world was

grifter not worries at all

— The End —