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Abie Johnson Jun 2017
The surreal walk to the unknown
Chemicals burn in our bloodstream
To wear it off
Walk till the break of dawn

We ignite our thrills
Engines roar
To conquer our midnight thrists
You will hear it
When it nears

Vanish into the night
Listen to the whispers
That it wants you to hear
Shift down for the shear rush
Through the abandoned leads

Trip down the memory lane
It wasn't our hunger in the first place
Just scripting of a memory to be made
The Needed cherish when everything fade
Abie Johnson May 2017
She hid her feelings behind a charmer
Who made her eyes gleam
Her innocent laughter to his larks
I locked myself in the dark

With his winson coat
Everyday was just plain bliss
For every bus she board
He wouldn't miss

I made my wishes
Dreamt a thousand dreams
Prayed as much I could
There's a mountain before me
One which I couldn't climb

How often I say "I love you"
Though never told how thankful I am
For the memories you gave me
One with the blood red lipstick stain

I remember clearly that day
I met you first
Remember the word I mumbled
And the emotions left unsaid

All this time together
You mean so much more to me
My life and all my dreams
PS I still believe it's forever
Without any doubt
Abie Johnson May 2017
We stage a play against the time
I know you are fain
A microdot for the mind
The words that won't be said
Promise me tonight we will escape.

I saw the ghost in your eyes
Functioning of the galaxies
Perfectly capsuled in our minds
So if you are ready to take that long walk
DOORS OPEN but it ain't free.

You hear them
To Their songs to be sane
He screams "This is my end " to the abyss I ran across the graveyard to find myself staring at those ****** water
Listened to my winded self.
#acid #journey

— The End —