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Adriean New Feb 2015
I will give you my hoodies
when you're cold,
even if I'm cold too.
I will buy snacks when you're
in the mood for something sweet.
I will rub your feet after
a long day.
I will try to fix your car problems.
I will cook for you
at 2 in the morning.
I will run your bath water &
wash you down if you're too tired,
or not feeling well.
I will run to the drug store
whenever you need medicine
so you don't get sick.
I will kiss all your booboo's.
I will buy you little gifts
& I will clean the house for you
just to give you a break.
I will hold your hand so you
don't feel alone.
I will kiss you right before you go to sleep
& right when you wake up.
I will love you.
Oh yes,
I will love you.
Because you deserve the best.
Janet Brown Jun 2014
Silken square fills with air,
So warm, so very warm...
Hotter, higher...
Pumping in, and in,
In... more air, please, more...
Falling…, falling...
****! Really falling!!
Strong arms drag me to center.
Hotter, higher, further and farther,
and Oh! Oh!!
Tighter and higher than it can go...
and Implode! Explode!!...2...3...
As the colored patches swirl around me, strong arms
Pull me up and over (breathing and uh...wheezing!)
Landing sideways, mixed together, to sleep.
Huddle of humans, one or two?
Arms are somewhere, leg over leg,
You hold me,
I pass out.
Best is ...
Opening eyes,
Nose smashed in stubbled cheek,
Seeing my son's chin.
Thank You for Now,
Thank God forEver.
-2007 This will always be reunion day to me. I don't even blame me if I couldn't parse it to perfection! :)

— The End —