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Andres Martinez Jan 2020
I can only recall good memories
No use in noting the bad
I don’t dwell
I reminisce  
We had a good thing
Lovely on most days
Working towards improvement was hard but worth it to me
I can’t take back any of the hurt I caused
I can only help repair the damage I’ve done
I don’t deny my actions nor try and justify them because that would be selfish
My peace of mind will only come from your closure
And if it’s not in the realm of thought that’s fine
Just know
I’m here and I’ve never forgotten you
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
If life wasn’t meant to have meaning
You would be free of all emotion
Always searching for a hint
Maybe a hidden clue
A map towards your grand treasure
If you served no purpose
You would believe the doubts
The everyday struggle becomes serenity
Now that you’ve spent seconds pondering these words
Ask yourself..was it worth it? If so
You value your life
If not
Well it’s not a total loss because life has no meaning
Other than your own
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
Tell me a story
Doesn’t have to be true
It could be a memory
Or maybe something about you
Give me a smile
I’d love to hear you laugh
Nothing in this world could compare
I treat every moment with you like it’s my only chance
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
Amongst all of you
I try to walk the same path
I’m stuck
In a shell
Not even my own to claim
This place is just hell
Everyday is a struggle
Someone new to be
Never myself
Because if I act the way I want to be perceived
You’d walk away along with those who’d love to see me jump off and into the  deep
I’m laughing and drowning In my drink
Blood thicker than water
With hopes that I will sink
I’m empty
I’m cold
My only wish is I might look back and laugh at this if I ever make it to growing old
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
You wouldn’t believe I do
I am
From every thought you have
To every doubt
I’m not in the realm of things
Nor do I abide by rigid practices
I seem out of whack
That’s because in a sense
To some maybe
Or just
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
How simple
Just laying side by side
One of
If not
The best feeling in this world
To be held
To be wanted
To be adored
Just to be loved
To the point of pure insanity
Or to the edge
jumping into a spontaneous rift
It’s in the present
I treat it like a gift
Never really know when It will become a last kiss
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
To my other
Though we haven’t met
I wonder what that day is like
The moment
That memory that will never fade
The perfect sunrise and sunset
And everything else in between
I hope it’s not just me..
But that’s how I think I’d feel
When you’re finally at my side .
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