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A night to remember
For some to forget
Final place of solace
A life time of regret
Seeking inner peace
Putting an end to the pain
Carry me to comfort
A final solution is what you seek my friend
Hold me and never let go
It’s a small price to pay for a healthy soul
Tell me I’m loved
I rather keep the truth to play it safe
It’s more than enough
It’s all I can take
I’d ask for you to speak to me
But the actions are enough
louder than anything your words would express
It’s fine
Just hope it was worth your time
Never one to disappoint
I’ll continue to be another broken toy
Not everyone is out to harm you
Not everyone is going to love or even like you
It’s not about them
It’s about you
Nothing special
Another person in your life
No direction
Yet you ask me for the next step
Am I taken into consideration
Or am I just what’s left.
The reason no one knows if  trees make a sound when they fall is because they don’t care enough to be around them
You’re a tree and you provide oxygen which is life
Not everyone deserves to live
I don’t believe in luck
Everything you do comes full circle
With that said
I owe you the world
Take my hand instead.
She talks to me like she doesn’t care
I’m just another face in the crowd
Noise without a voice
Nothing to add or gain
Just another option
I understand I don’t dwell
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