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It ended before it began.

I think that’s how the saying goes.
It was for the best, I’m sure.
I’d have broken my own heart
and not let you pick up any of the pieces.

But before I hug you, wish you the best,
and tell you to stay in touch
as we part amid a myriad of clichés,
I have one grain of truth to share:

You made me feel beautiful again.
Ken Pepiton Dec 2020
The merged generations, emerge from first
cold night in the mountains,
This is screen-free Sunday.
I say this is the first day of ever after.
I read a bit
-- Infinite Jest, just a stream that contributes,
from time
to time, finity to finity, a dead man's former
mind fitted into words,
emanating from
the audible version of the words processed
in the Nineties, flowing through the
post I-Mac realm of words to the wise
and otherwise,

flooding the lexagraphic learners of grammar
for sense in silence,
self-reading silently,
breathing commas,
allow our pauses to perpetuate se per
selah… say

la la la
as time flows by, like a wild river in the spring,

Infinite Jest, there is a thread
through environs unimaginable to me,
until the inventions were given as inspirations,

did you know, I heard,
Steve Jobs yoosta
stand in the comode,
and flush it, gnoshit. In a state
like meditation,

zoned out of bounds in mere mistaken chance,
ping ping ping

a good idea, a bell of a thought.

We think in words, not all minds do.

Plenty punishments puns provideo please
if -ish is sortalike… shitilised, four syl-lables
la la la
ra ra ra, boom

sort on those, and mix up the story,
in the bubble you be reading in,

give us a universe, fit into the final bubble,
beyond imagining minds,
this world of words.

Here is where we word wise do as we heard,
when we read what the prophets say,
the angels said… re-
conciliation - nation to nation, peace
on earth {as in heaven BTW}
goodwill… the real deal, to fill the flaw, in the law,
which allowed imaginary places power
in carnal minds.

Jesus fixed that. Jah, no joke, he took it,
the joke on me, I traded for the
joke on you, he said,
I heard.
First day of ever, after the grands and their dogs and disgruntled cats, moved into my fortress of solitude... life is now a serial story epic song.
Zero Nine Nov 2017
Once starshine
Once iodide

For years healing
You're done healing

You hard stop
You immolate

Every word
To ember but

You made a line of fuel right to me
that I will follow

I swore I'd
Sing should you **** me

Unless you
took my tongue with you

I see you
thought sealing my mouth
with stitches

Would drown my cries

We see
See how well that worked
Now don't we?
I've been a lot of people.
Taken many names.
And once again,
here I am.


It smells like home.

— The End —