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Kassey Jul 2018
Dark sky, cold days
Beautiful thoughts I say
Feeling better in silence
Writing poems
Keeps me happy
And helps me escape
This **** reality

Everyday feels so endless
Secrets kepts
Distance hurts
Spring passed
Mind doubts
Cried in a corner for hours
Regret everything that has began

Our love fades
In a shadow grey
Suddenly, you fall asleep
Without knowing my condition
You didn't give me affection
You kissed a girl
I smiled bitterly
I hope the both of you were happy

That is just an old sad memory
I spend a stupid time for love
Tears dried on my cheeks
Drowning in sadness
Questions left unanswered
Shattered thoughts
Played emotions
I hope I will be numb
To forgot all ghost memories of ours
Thousand of precious
moments were wasted
I challenge myself to do a poem using words that I saw and this iss the result. ***
Grace Feb 2018
the fog emerges from the wood
like ****** spirits from their graves
reaching to join their brethren
aloft in the sky
blocking the sun
that beckons it ascend

the horizon is aglow
in the dappled sunlight
hazy with moisture
and heavy with the dead
Josephine Zecena Nov 2017
I clench my fist tight.
So dearly trying not to cave in and dial, but the device taunts me.
That Pandora's box full of the emotions, images, and echoes that drench me like rain.

It seems the pages have run out.
Every excuse, every apology, every sweet nothing drained like the battery on my phone due to the over use to distract me from you.

You, sitting there on your shelf.
With your legs dangling and hitting my face. Swelling my eyes and lips shut as you watch my greatest regrets play repeatedly in my mind.
Making me unrecognizable to those around me now.

This is who I've become.
A silent shell filled with the echoes of your laughs and smiles.  
With only melancholy music to comfort me.
The world around me only now visible through rain soaked glasses.
Smooth jazz by Coleman Hawkins as it rains outside my window is the only thing that brings me comfort. The only realm I find my weary soul comforted by.
Kmo Sep 2017
If your love is like rain
I will go outside
And catch every drop of it.
Tiffany Merkel Jul 2017
Rain drops round over a blade of grass, before falling and hitting this solid mass

The clouds deepen to a dark shade of grey
Oh how I've never liked this kind of day...

Heavier and heavier they seem to grow until a bolt of lighting Strikes down below

All at once the sky begins to pour as I run to the safety of your big red door

There you stand with arms open wide
I smile excitedly and prance inside

Come love and get out of the storm
I promise to keep you forever safe
and forever warm

Now I can with confidence say
That I do too enjoy a rainy day
Discontent and boredom battle mightily
To see which owns my addled wit.
Rain streaks down the kitchen windows
Making worm-like shadows on the floor.

The need to move nips at my torpor
And reads my dictionary of excuses
As I stare at crumbs on the tablecloth
And wish I had another biscuit.

What’s gone wrong, I can’t make right.
I’m stuck here with no options
And I don’t care which way it goes;
I’m too busy being grumpy.

There’s a cricket hidden in the hallway
Nine days now and it just won’t die.
The muted chirping stops and starts,
Loud enough to be annoying

But not enough to be a mask and hide
The thunder of my disappointment
When clouds and rain refuse to leave
And I am left with only empty musings.

My hands aren’t pretty any more.
They used to pose so gracefully
But time has bruised and twisted them
And they no longer reach out to be seen.

That’s just another loss to ponder:
Take a number - stand in line.
Everything depresses me, and then...
There’s that mother-******* cricket!
I don't use that word in normal conversation, but it seemed required here.
fasi Sep 2016
Tea an excuse
I'm drinking
the rain, and the gloom
In this cup
I drink memories
there's a silence,
widespread ,
and frightening
I’m consuming it
I'm drinking
this endless wait
Tea an excuse
I'm drinking
your absence
just missing him
Cristina Quebral Jun 2016
Your cries outside my window cradles my ear. Sweet Eden in your parade I see so clear. The blissful potion dancing in this breeze I breathe it in. Each drop you bring, release within my sanguine.
Andlib Farid Jun 2016
Gloomy mood cheered up by the rain
It washes away our sorrow and pain
Lets cherish the nature's moment
Hark! the pleasant tip tap of rain
a rainy day
Boys,girls,young and old
Man,women, rich and poor
Do not resist to fall in love with
The thunder, drizzle, hail or snow
a rainy day
A curious frog hops up at the sky
Its right time to leap high
Craok! he calls intimately his
Better half to celebrate the rain
a rainy day
A plumule peeps out the pip
His first sight sees the drops
The crops dance along the stalk
The grains in wheat sips the drops
a rainy day
For me
The rain hides my tears
You can say its my fears
To lose my love in rain
Don't worry
Its a drop not my tears!!
Can you see the rainbows without the rain?
Nora Mar 2016
Rainy days make
your joints
And my heart
Grisly greys, dampened dirt,
The scent of earth
Rich with grief and

I taste the mist and
Feel amiss, shivering in
Showers, a wilted
Salty tears and fears
Masked by downpours
That drip and drown my
Burning humiliation
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