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Lash Nov 1
im taking drugs like im taking breaths,
staying alive is harder than i expected.
Lash Nov 1
ill strip my soul of its value and place it on your crown,
ill bow to your highness
if you'll never let me down.
im loyal,
and i want to be ruled.
string me by my neck with ropes of promise
and potential slaughter if i might ever stray away from the likes or thought of
you alone are all i would ever need if you alone would make a space for me,
find a home and find a place in me.
Lash Nov 1
my juices flow openly,
please never let go of me.
spill yourself and
let your scent linger throughout my depth so that i can find my way back to you.
this energy speaks for itself,
sometimes it takes full control,
full throttle
with cheat codes,
to unlock my beast mode...
i will always find my way back to you.
my essence can heal you
just show me the real you.
Lash Nov 1
ive grown and
i want to be grown for you,
in ways that make your manhood come alive.
sometimes im a child but still..
im mutable and if you will try to change me,
i might consider.
my daddy left scars and traces of a fragrance
that demands a space to fill
or a space to spill emotions and ink
and feelings that link to you.
Lash Nov 1
he uses "nothing lasts forever" as excuse
to leave me secret,
and seeking truth.
im left possessive,
and stranded..
drunk on poison,
empty handed,
begging for another hit,
another lick.
another "not quite, but close"
another spite,
another dose of what's stiff
and what fits perfectly like it was created just for me.
what's for me,
is for me.
Lash Nov 1
my spirit calls
my spirit speaks through writings on walls.
im still chained to third dimension,
it keeps me lowly.
im still caught up,
my attention is on all
that kills me slowly.
i thought that this was holy grounds,
now the grounds have divided.
somethings happening beneath the ground,
new stars have been ignited.
"ive never seen this much stars"...
i can say the very same.
the time is only here and now,
the earth has made her claim.
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