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the black rose Nov 2021
a perfect dance
within a timely rise & fall.
a conscious play,
within the nature of
the all supreme creation;
where destiny & desolation,
they merge.
the black rose Nov 2021
they say hearts should collide
to reveal a sense of fate,
that love is curse to all,
forbidden fruit.
to let the mind reign supreme in logic,
at quickened rate & separate,
because nothing else matters,
this, to them, is truth.
yet, my eyes wander about,
searching for soul window.
my skin, lonely for touch.
my spirit, wishing upon satellite posing as star.
because. who dreams still of connection?
beyond the man-made,
ill perception,
to worship tangible,
to turn a cheek to ever-lasting love.
the black rose Aug 2021
to poison the mind;
with no actual poison
but the mere thought of.
to poison the heart;
to plant seeds that may harvest if the air is clear enough
for 1 minute space in time,
to break the chain of misalignment
where the skies are dark
without elements to fill a certain form.
faith wavers,
consistency is misplaced,
integrity & discipline
are lost,
still finding way beneath disgrace
through generations
of conveniently consuming creation.
the black rose Aug 2021
i'd choose a corner,
in the corner of the room;
where there is peace
& a sense of my own truth.
i'd avoid menial encounters
that seemingly
do more harm than good.
i'd certainly rather wei,
a certain flow of my own way,
to be called only if i can be of an assistant
to growth.
intimidation is reserved for those in competition,
seeking assurance
& outsource validation.
i am neither competing,
i am only separate in idea
& validation has gained a deeper sense of meaning.
the black rose Jul 2021
my soul shine light,
silent waters deep,
tomorrows are promised
& waters wash away all doubt.
bless your soul,
quest your soul,
know your place.
the black rose Jul 2021
& like a tent,
pieces scattered on the ground.
step by step
is all it takes
to see that purpose can be found,
if you seek.
the black rose Jun 2021
words can bring life
or cut sharp,
as a knife at your throat
forming portals to aid a spiritual escape.
words can bring fate
or bring smiles to the face of the beholder.
words are everything
still nothing.
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