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Aima Shahid Jun 2020
On days when your coffee leaves you sulking, staring wistfully into space,
When you reminisce on what you left behind
Don’t forget the days that left you feeling exhilarated
Like the way rain patters on the glass window and slides down to the pavement,
Sitting by the fireside on a cold winter evening, curling up into your favorite sweater,
Or the summer evenings watching the pink and orange tones as the sun sets over the horizon
Recollect all your treasured feelings that sit lopsided within.
Of all things that leave you ambivalent
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Moeshfiekah Dec 2018
She wants to gently place me upon the bed and straddle my hips all while her lips attack my skin marking what is hers.
Her fingers will slip in and ****** me hard and I'll feel the full length of it inside. She wants me to feel her. All of her. She wants to feel how she controls me and allows me to come and when she does she will clean up what she has created with her tongue , deep and I'll scream her name.
Her vivid thoughts put into words and no one can put it the way she does.
ehxpen Nov 2018
i want to go back to the nights
by the lake and under the stars
smoking **** and drinking stella artois
i want to go back to the nights
the summer nights
with you
all my poems are real experiences so pls apprieciate <3
ehxpen Nov 2018
a cigarette helps to numb the pain,
i just hope it doesn’t become a habit.
like you were to me.

written a while ago
ehxpen Nov 2018
i took the chance and overdosed,
you were a trip i had to take,
and just for all times sake,
i knew it would be magical

Voyagepoetry Jul 2018
Wind howled in the lush park,
Sky is grey like my cotton blouse,
Clouds didn’t arrive yet,
They only did in my heart,
The cold rushed into my mind first,
By the windy river I took a walk,
What would it be like if I rode a bike right now, I thought,
It began to rain but my mind doesn’t grow green grass,
I have flowers but my favorite color isn’t there yet,
I say what can plant the seeds ,
Is it love , success, or peace,
My hands are cold and all I think about,
Is how to not get a fever and a desolated heart.
To the times i was miserable.
Voyagepoetry Jul 2018
Words that we write to confide what we feel,
Words that we write to confide what we fear,
Words that we write to hinder a pain,
Or cherish the smile that is remained ,

Words that we fear to say,
Words that fades the sleep away,
Words that heal and words that hurt,
Words that shine and words that burn,

May the feelings stay safe,
May the thoughts calm down,
For our hearts are woven,
With pure love and good grace.
May we find comfort in what we write.
Voyagepoetry Jul 2018
“Being Special” is such a foreign word to my heart,
And I’ve always been disastrous at learning languages.
Voyagepoetry Jul 2018
The poet me
Is a shy kid hiding behind the door
Is a rose with not yet opened petals
Is the tear which didn’t escape
The eyes out of fear of judgment

It’s the girl who runs away from her crush
Although they had a hundred talks
In her head
Her eyes full of love so she looks away
And still wishes to see him

I like fantasy and I’m a fool
I say it’s just not real

But my heart holds on to it
Like it’s the last tree branch on a cliff
Like it’s the last water bottle in a desert
Like it’s love
I write to relieve hidden feelings and deep thoughts , the poet me is my hidden truth
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