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Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
On every visit
I was encouraged
To burn more

XL to L
L to M

I feel great
Sense of achievement

Easier to breathe
Easier to move
Genre: Clinical Inspirational
Theme: On Global Obesity Trend
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
If you wish to loss weight

Before anything,
Make confirm
If it wants to lose you.
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: What matters | Mutual Understanding | Count Steps | Calorie Chart | Workout
Steve Apr 2017
Our Valerie
Spent her salary
Going to the gym
Working out
Till there's no doubt
Her **** was really slim
There goes Valerie
Not a spare calorie
All the boys would say
Look at that ***
As tight as a drum
And that would really make her day.
Daniela Jun 2014
She had this obsession with the sea,
I didn't understand.
She spent all summer there,
laying in the sand.
I never liked the beach.
Or at least I never liked the effect it had on her;
how she counted every calorie so she could wear a bikini,
how her heart-shaped sunglasses covered her eyes, her stunning eyes.

I never fully understood her.

Perhaps I should've spent less time
trying to figure her out
and more time by her side.
She wasn't one of my experiments,
she used to clarify that all the time.
And maybe she was right.

**Now that she's gone there's nothing left to try to understand.

— The End —