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Johnny walker Nov 2018
Helen had a real
naughty but nice
**** husky voice
and such wicked
Her eyes so bright
so much said In the
beautiful eyes of
Helen was not only
pretty, she had beauty
Inside a beauty that
came from deep
She had a heart of
gold fell In love with
her I was rewarded
so much
Helen had this incredible voice
could be so **** and what
wicked laugh but she so nice with It
Dhaara T May 2017
The bluest of oceans
In your beautiful eyes
Your gaze speaks eons
Of your hermit heart
Yet not one speck, I sense
Of lonesomeness
In your life
All I can pick
Is your joyful vibe
Your horsepower mind
Intrigues me
How you solve mysteries
That bind you in a world
Smaller than your universe
How you escape, lost in an expanse
Where you feel more at home
How with the darkening of the sky
As the snow reflects moonlight
Your energies rise in unison with the tide
How your howl feels more like a hymn to meditate on
What are you, wise soul?
Such beauty wrapped in mush and fur
Mara W Kayh Nov 2015
You were Blue-eyed,
A fierce and cautious beauty.
gentle spirit

Did you know how I loved you,
And how, while the rest of the world mourned for Paris,
I cried the saltiest tears
For you
that rainy fall night
when I heard you  
Didn't come home,
One of your pups at your side.

You were not mine
But you haunt me
The same

Were you protecting your pup from
The cougar's watchful prey?
Was it your fate to be struck twice
By the feared and sleek predator

You survived the first time
and made the  news ..
Your owner saving you
With all his heart.

Your wide eyed glance
CapturEd my heart
Like a love laced arrow
The first time we saw each other

I will not lose sight of you yet,
Nor give up hope  
that You will return to your home,
to your pups.
and to the big, gallant
Who fathered them..

I pray for that news,
Bella the beautiful husky.
I will not forget you.
Your blue eyes will mesmerize me
in dreams
till we meet again
I can't stop,crying for a dog that wasn't mine... But she influenced a very big decision in my life. To help save the house of her owner...which was being foreclosed on, my partner and I went all out and paid the mortgage company what was owed. Truly, the decision was  based on sympathy for our neighbor and for  Bella who was pregnant at the time. I wondered what would become of her if she lost her home.
She survived one cougar attack a few years ago... And made the news. But she may not have escaped this time..she left the property with one of her 5 pups and hasn't made it back.. I'm heartbroken.

— The End —